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October 24 2017

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 van submitted:

i felt like her boob was sliding off, so i got curious and clicked. as it turns out, this game does involve fireballs so it’s v possible that she’s just melting.

her legs also seem out of proportion, as i discovered upon clicking the ad

maybe the game is you have to melt the other team’s boobs before they melt yours o:

October 23 2017

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fetus-cakes submitted:

Kohaku deserves better

I can’t stop seeing her waist/crotch area as a face tho

October 22 2017

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Doug submitted:                        

So… I was browsing the web on my phone and this ad for a game called “Girls X Battle” showed up at the bottom of the page. Normally I don’t pay attention to these ads, but this one got my attention with how disturbing the imagery is. I have no idea what kind of game this is and now I really, REALLY don’t want to know!

Um what o:  Is that even what the game is about?

October 21 2017

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fetus-cakes submitted:                        

the toga+garter stockings look is so in this fall

she might need the garters to keep her body together, it looks like

(From Dr. Stone by Riichiro Inagaki and drawn by Boichi)

October 20 2017

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Lulle submitted:                        

Got an ad for monster league: victory road while playing on my cell. Not only is Rosa turning into a slinky. She’s also smuggling illegal water balloons to a pokemon fight.

(Below official art from Pokemon Black and White 2)

Maybe she’s smuggling voltorb o:

October 19 2017

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luminousdual submitted:

The splash image of Ragnarok Online mobile in mainland China* has the most egregious case of boobsocks I’ve ever seen. She’s a knight (I think), so are those holy hand grenades glued to her chest?

* Just for funsies I checked Taiwan’s splash screen—no boobsocks, so this is apparently region-specific

Maybe the armor is padded to decoy blows away from her!

October 14 2017

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This just looks so horribly uncomfortable in so many different ways.  Also possibly the end result of a terrible superglue accident too ):

(Promotional art for MU Origin, Webzen)

October 13 2017

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quietsort submitted:

I stumbled upon this promo image for War of Genesis 4 (SOFTMAX Korea).

just looking at her legs, you get a distinct feeling the artist lost track of what exactly kind of stance they wanted her to have, and it all went… wrong in a ‘legs don’t work that way’ manner.

It’s really pretty too.  This is one of those I was like oh this looks fi- wait what, as I processed the whole thing o:

October 12 2017

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juhnbug submitted:

Looked over my girlfriend’s shoulder while she was booting up League of Legends and… I don’t know where to start with this one. It hurts to look at.

I think she looks pretty cool and I like the colours. Also interesting to see a boobs and butt pose from the other side.

October 11 2017

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snakecest submitted:

I was looking at FE Cipher cards and stumbled upon this… painful creation

Don’t mess with Ostriches when they’re armed

October 10 2017

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Color Tutorial Part 1: Value

Part 2 : Hue and Saturation - coming Feb. 1st
Part 3: Color Picking and Pallets - coming Feb. 8th
Part 4: Digital Coloring Method - coming Feb. 15th

Other Tutorials - link

Twitter  |  DeviantArt

A tutorial I ran into that I thought people might find useful (:

October 09 2017

Anon submitted:

I give you all of the cuddles and hope you are having the best day ever! May all your troubles resolve.

Thank you so much, Anon.  I’m trying. <333

Also Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Mid-Autumn Festival/Harvest Moon to everybody who celebrates (:

October 08 2017

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When you paint on your outfit but the painted layer shrinks upon drying

(artwork from The War of Genesis III: part 2)

October 07 2017

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ibrs submitted:

“shingeki no bahamut: virgin soul” end card

Tetris grows up

October 06 2017

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Anon submitted:

just a wonderful ad for some unspecified game (clicking on the ad redirected me to a game called Flower Knight Girl so I guess it’s supposed to be for that but I couldn’t identify this… creature further as a character in the game so who knows, really) that jumped up on me and stunned me into a long silence. I don’t even know where to begin - at this point it’d be easier to point out what isn’t wrong… even if we ignore the swivel waist, boobs and butt pose, broken neck, general rubber spine and the fact that her left boob is somewhere at her shoulder; did nobody ever tell this poor girl that it is extremely impractical to fight in only a short coat, that tends to flare up, over your underwear? or is that like a distraction technique, along with that… shirt… that is basically nipple covers?

It looks like she accidentally glued her clothes to her skin and then the clothes suddenly shrunk

October 05 2017

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ironmei submitted:

Tempo in X-Force #29, Marvel comics. Ouch.

Don’t try to microwave your academy award >_>

October 04 2017

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From: https://twitter.com/Carin_McLeoud/status/914305674510602240

She’s a chimera: part human, part dragon, part T-Square.

(Chimera card art, Marvel Legendary)

October 02 2017

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Anna T. submitted:

Saw this on The Mary Sue, of all websites. Can’t see that much, but there looks to be something off with her hip area, and she appears to have stuffed water balloons down her shirt (what there is of it). And she looks far too excited about her current and impending physical transformations…

Even her sword is giving her the side-eye.

October 01 2017

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bimugen submitted:

A new piece of artwork for Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.01.

I would give them a pass if the melting girl here was one of the elf race, who have oddly stretched torsos and limbs, but the lack of pointed ears say this is supposed to be a regular human.

The ears could be hidden?  Or maybe she’s an infiltrator o:

September 30 2017

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Marcus submitted:


Love the page.

Catwoman’s looking very “dynamic” on the cover of Issue 27 of “batman eternal”

Best regards,


Batman’s dakimakura parachute did not work out well

(caption by my friend, @aesmael)

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