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September 20 2017

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How do I draw heels by AngieBlues

A lot of people ask me for this, so… for all of you XD
It isnt really a tutorial, i think, it’s just a “tip”(or something) It’s better if you look for your own photo references :_D

P.D: My english is pretty bad, so if you find an error please note me and i’ll correct it

Useful art reference I thought people might like (:

September 16 2017

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athingifound submitted:                        

Alcohol companies don’t know what womens is.

  • Right leg is mostly shin
  • Right arm is unfortunate
  • Hooves
  • Rib cage?? Maybe??
  • Thigh gap hi

The vulva stripe isn’t part of the design, but at this point it might as well be.

This is obviously stylized but it gives me an idea actually: rather than a caption contest, let’s have a silhouette contest.  Fill in the silhouette with whatever you think is in it.  Funniest (or weirdest) one wins!

Submit your picture in a reblog or submission or email.

I’ll pick 1-3 winners depending on the number of submissions & quality, and the winner(s) will get Steam games :D

I’ll run the contest for about a week.  Good luck everybody!

September 15 2017

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president–felix-mendelssohn submitted:

I redesigned Johannes Brahms from Girls Symphony because I felt she deserved better. (Also accidentally drew her too short lol)

It’s a pretty different redesign, but I think it’s pretty cute, and I like the thought you put into the outfit and details. (:

September 14 2017

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submitted by toriberry

Maybe it’s a fake butt like Joker’s fake hand thing he does sometimes.  That way if anybody tries to slap her on the butt unwantedly it comes off and explodes their hand off o:  (now I want to market this xD)

(source: https://twitter.com/BethElderkin/status/898219604639698945)

September 13 2017

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iamconstantine submitted:

Found this in a comic book store while out with friends. The series is Grimm Fairy Tales, Issue #122.

Other than the back problems and her weird torso, it’s her right leg I’m worried about. Where is her hip?

It’s a fairy tale, so maybe the lesson is don’t wish for a cool katana in exchange for your bodily integrity o:

September 12 2017

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kakyoindeservedbetter submitted:

At first I wasn’t sure if female!Kamui’s body (from Fire Emblem Fates) is covered by the cape then I realized that it’s not.

Maybe the armor is there to hold her form together and she’s actually a liquid girl or something o:

September 11 2017

Episode 67: The Outcast: A Very Special Gay Episode

So I was a guest on the very cool Women at Warp podcast o:  We talked about the Star Trek: TNG episode “The Outcast” and the various gender, sexuality, and gender identity issues represented (or accidentally represented in some cases) in it!  I also talk briefly about Escher Girls at the beginning.  Listen if you’re interested! (:

September 10 2017

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jesidres submitted:


I don’t know how much you’ve heard about the lovely ensuing brouhaha of the YA world over ‘The Handbook for Mortals’ but besides scamming their way onto the NY Time bestseller list, they apparently plagiarized the cover as well from Gill de Mace (first image).  And in the process, they bent her hips, cinched her waist, and broke her shoulder too!  Five seconds of staring at the horror, I knew this blog needed to see.

I did hear about the controversy over that book and how it got onto the NY Time bestseller list (tl;dr, last I heard they apparently pre-bought a ton of books from different stores to boost the sales up?), but I didn’t know about the cover.  Wow.  And yeah those covers look really similar except they gave the girl boobsocks and fiddled with her body.

(Thanks for the update on what’s happening btw)

September 09 2017

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Simplified Anatomy by Mamoon26

good tutorial shown to me by @sun-s-light, so I thought I’d share for people interested (:

September 08 2017

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thebrokemeister submitted:

Redraw: Neverland - Hook (Zenescope)

Princess Tiger Lily
Neverland - Hook #3
Pasquale Qualano and Ivan Nunes

Okay so this is my first time doing a redraw but I’ve wanted to do this image ever since I first saw it on Escher Girls ages ago.

If you are interested in a more detailed breakdown, I have a full post over on my blog, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback left there (anatomy is not my strong point and I am a rookie when it comes to digital art so I have plenty of space to improve).

If you have neither the time to read a long post or the inclination to do so, I have packaged the redraw into a neat little gif for you. Enjoy.

Very nice, and I like the animated gif to show the process :)

Also, if anybody wants to help them improve, they asked for feedback on their post :)

September 07 2017

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starwarrior72 submitted:                        

bikiniarmorbattledamage.tumblr.com10th Muse

(Evidently) recently featured on Bikini Armour Battle Damage is THIS stunning picture! Her head is detached from her neck, and /then/ her neck is detached from her collarbone! Gee, they were going all the way with this one! And then… her boobs… I don’t even know. They look like what happens when you get some air in your t-shirt and jump in water. Inflatable, but not with enough of a shape to be a balloon…

Presumably some swivel waist on Blue-Shirt. Or she’s missing a leg. Who knows.

Medusa upgraded her powers from turning people into stone to turning people into rubber

September 06 2017

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Anon submitted:                        

I recently played some Sirlin Games card games, and their art is a liiittle bit questionable. Their site is http://www.sirlingames.com/collections/fantasy-strike-store and you can click through for some larger images, but here are two characters, one just has a silly outfit, the other ridiculous poses as well.

It’s good to see people trying to make the best out of an unfortunate glue accident though.

September 05 2017

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Machi submitted:                        

From the game Hex Shards of Fate. It usually have good artwork and good female designs, but this one is odd. I think the girl (an undead rogue) is supposed to attack the dude (the master of the PVE arena), but nothing makes sense about the pose. Also, I don’t know if the front of her clothing cover her crotch, like a swimsuit, or if it’s just hanging in front of her crotch.

I think she’s like “oh my god, I heard you baked a cake, can I have some? I brought a knife so you can share it!”

September 04 2017

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From: https://twitter.com/MysticDistance/status/902312912223690752

I think she kidnapped Kirby and Jigglypuff and are trying to smuggle them out, but both are trying to escape?

September 03 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:

Found another misleading sexy ad for a Chinese/Korean MMORPG online out-of-place in another webpage where you’d least expect it.

Odd things:

1) Blank-Eyed Uncanny Valley Zombie-Stare in extreme close-up of otherwise pretty-enough female character model who looks like CG refugee from mid to late 90’s Playstation/Gamecube/Sega Saturn era (and who will most likely never appear in the actual game itself)

2) Misspelled “BREST”

3) Interchanged “FACE” and “BREST”

4) “WAIST” instead of “Hips” to complete classic trifecta of sexy female body areas (as in traditional Face and Tits and Ass)

5) “WAIST” so-called, yet features REST OF WHOLE TORSO below shoulders and above knees, along “FACE”, er, “BREST”.

6) Arms and Hands of girl shown (along with “WAIST”), yet not her Legs and Feet (might as well complete her figure eh?)

I think this is the best ad ever xD

September 02 2017

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squidprincessosaka submitted:



I’m actually at a loss for words.

Her boobs just highly disturb me somehow.

Everything is just…

I know we have the term “boob socks” for when clothing just wraps each breast completely, but this is more look “boob hats” xD

September 01 2017

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aaaaaaaa submitted:

I play garbage apps for money and this ad for Z Girls has been haunting me. (I Included a picture of the character with without the dialogue.) So many belts… ?

At least you’re making money!

August 31 2017

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sylvtiutiob submitted:

I have several questions but I don’t think I want the answers.

At least there’s a “quit” option, so you can leave before your brain melts down from trying to figure out what’s going on xD

August 30 2017

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kamikasei submitted:                        

Fate/Grand Order is doing a summer event with a lot of characters in alternate costumes (i.e. swimwear), and the already-ridiculous Lancer-class Servant Minamoto no Yorimitsu gets a textbook Escher Girls pose for the occasion.

I think she needs more shade, her body is getting melted

August 29 2017

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pawdle-wawdle submitted:

(From Teen Titans Go! Issue #14)

Proof that Starfire has a swivel waist in all incarnations (which we all know is the most important characterization to keep consistent).

She’s being manipulated by a Starfirebender maybe o:

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