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February 07 2018

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vicious-cosplay submitted:                        

I follow a page that gives updates on latest translated Manga and I’m so used to the cringe but…

Ryouma needs one billion yen for his terminally ill sister–but instead of a loan, he loses his life! Now he’s stuck in Limbo with a sadistic angel named Kroel and four other victims of fate. If he can gamble his way to the top, he might just escape with both his life and the money he needs to save his sister. But if he fails, it’s ashes to ashes, dust to dust–for all eternity!

I’ve been making costumes for a long time, and I can confirm that only glue would hold that up in any way.

It’s neat to hear from somebody who makes costumes!  Also, that’s an angel, so I guess she’s using the power of god to hold it up, as well as keep her body from running away.

February 06 2018

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ozziescribbler submitted:                        

Hey, remember that J. Scott Campbell mermaid centaur? (rhetoric question, of course you do! some readers tried to figure out and fix her!) Sideshow Toys made a premium statue based on that artwork!

What I “love” about it, though, is that a 3D object only shows us better how utterly wrong the anatomy is from every angle.

It’s not the first, and, I’m afraid, not the last time when a rubber-spine lady statuette is based on J. Scott’s drawing.

source: https://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectibles/j-scott-campbell-the-little-mermaid-sideshow-collectibles-200504/

Actually, I think a mermaid statue that doubles as a sextant is a really clever idea.

February 05 2018

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jdsm24 submitted:

Talking about butts-eye view camera angles in modern Japanese animation, this is from 2017’s Seven Mortal Sins anime, episode 1, the archangel Lucifer has just landed in Hell, bound to a cross, after being literally cast down from Heaven because of her sin of pride, and the demon(ess) Levi (athan)— her No.1 Fan-girl and aspiring/future lord of the sin of envy — attempts to molest her, but is repelled by Lucifer’s chi/aura, with enough force to actually go tumbling backwards, where it’s accidentally revealed to the viewers that Leviathan apparently doesn’t wear any underwear except for a large band-aid, which is emblazoned with the image of her pet/sidekick Behemoth, over her genital openings.

Season 13 of Supernatural is certainly going in some weird directions.

February 04 2018

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itajn submitted:                        

Russian power metal band Epidemia just released cover art for their upcoming album. I can’t even.

Otoh, that knight guy is obviously thinking “damn, I wish I spent all my money on a +100 crossbow rather than all this heavy useless armor”

February 03 2018

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president–felix-mendelssohn submitted:                        

Giving a cactus far more water than is needed can result in complications such as root rot, loss of clothing, squished breasts, and vacuum-sealed pants.

(Seeing as someone just submitted Flower Knight Girl art, thought I’d submit some too. Poor Cactus deserves much better than this.)

Always remember to care for your cacti, folks ):

February 02 2018

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starling-fan submitted:

Flower knight girl.

Nip slip in three… two… one…

Well, if she’s too covered then the bees can’t collect pollen from her and then she can’t reproduce o:

February 01 2018

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Milkawa  submitted:

Today was the last day of the exhibition “L'art de DC, L'aube des super-héros” (The art of DC, Dawn of superheroes) at the Musée d'Art Ludique, in Paris, and my only question is : “My poor Wonder Woman, what happened to your waist ?”

(And I’ve just notice the perfect circle made by her outfit around her breast.)

Maybe these are earlier clay prototypes of Wonder Woman being entered in the art exhibition o:

January 31 2018

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  • lollovovisossa submitted:                            
  • This showed up on my feed, apparently it’s from granblue fantasy. I’ll admit the art is really nice but that spine…


    I know this already showed up earlier, but this is a clearer and closer up picture.  Don’t mess with rubber girl.

    January 30 2018

    2843 71a2 500


    So I found this book at the library which purports to teach you the super sekrit Japanese way of drawing by using mathematics?  But I don’t understand how this helps you draw at all.  It’s like “woman + bird = bird woman!  simple!  now draw it!”

    Also, as a friend pointed out, the people on the cover look like accidental cyclopses.  And then there’s this goat lady…

    I think there should also be a “- stomach” in that equation.  Forgot to carry the one.  Happens every time.

    pomeranianparty said:

    I HAVE THAT BOOK OH MY GOD. I was just looking through it yesterday!! and you’re right, it doesn’t really help with drawing or design at all imo, especially the subtraction section. “Draw an incredibly overdesigned character, then TAKE AWAY all the unnecessary crap!! wow fantastic give us your money!!” And some of the art is pretty good, but some, like the organless goat lady… ehhh……….

    (adding this response as a reblog just so people know what book is being talked about)

    Yeah, I think some of the art in the book is pretty good and some is weird.   Like, it sometimes just seems like “add fish + plane, now you have a fish plane, simple! draw it!” and it’s like “um… how?”  I feel like the book would be more effective if it showed many different artist conceptions on the same idea (like 5 different goat bird ladies just to show that you can take one idea and have many different ways to do it and how that changes the characterization, etc)…

    (which goes to an idea I suddenly had for the next contest! :3 )

    January 29 2018

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    abicion submitted:

    Katia from Schwarzesmarken is a little bit broken in half even before the BETA literally break her in half.

    it’s even more impressive that she’s able to do that in a suit that looks as solid as that one

    January 28 2018

    2858 bf18

    Askilian submitted:

    Hello! I hope I’m doing this correctly but I wanted to submit this little redraw I did today.

    The goat-bird-lady really angered me because I loooove human/other-things hybrids, they make great characters for role playing games and seeing this cool concept ruined like that… Huh.
    So, I gave it a try!

    I started by redlining this mess and I don’t know if it was a good idea because I was utterly confused by the anatomy of this poor woman. Her torso is waaaay too long with no room for organs (unless they’re in her chest). Her pelvis is… I don’t know, I couldn’t only guess what was going on (hence the dotted line. Also I’m not sorry for my bad pun.) and her thigh might be running away from her body ? Or maybe it’s a pouch to store her organs ? I also noticed that her fingers on her left hand might be incorrectly positioned on the hilt of her sword but it’s really a minor detail at this point.

    I looked at the text too and even here, I was unhappy. First, « ethnic cosume » : What does that mean ? To me, it read like an excuse to make her wore this skimpy things…

    Then, her « soft skin » that constrast with the « cruel power of her sword » , really ? Looking at her, I don’t see anything fearsome or cruel, especially with her face drawing a complete blank and her pose looking more like a pinup pose than a warrior / soldier pose. Similarly, she’s supposed to have bird legs but only her feet are birdlike. I can only see that as a way to avoid at all cost to make her too inhuman because otherwise she wouldn’t be as sexy. I showed the picture to a friend and at first, he didn’t even notice that she was supposed to be part bird…

    Onto the redraw, then! I ditched almost entierly the drawing from the book and focused more on the text to make something more fitting. Of course I tried to giver her a more realistic body while keeping her big chest. I kept the idea of her kneeling but I altered the pose to make her look more like a soldier. I tried to give her a more fearsome look and more than a blank face. I added rectangular pupils (like goats). For the costume, well, as I couldn’t really make my mind about what « ethnic costume » means and as I didn’t want to risk something that would fall into cultural appropriation, I kept the idea that it was only to make her scantily dressed. I’m usually not a fan of this kind of costume for my warrior characters but I gave it a shot : I though about your recent D&D post and tried to do something in the same vein as the last picture (the lady with a tiger). I don’t know if I did well or not, that is literally the first time that I try doing that! I tried to add more part that could be made of something more protective like boiled leather while getting rid of the boob-window.

    Also I made the scales on her legs go higher to really show the bird part of her.

    I hope that I did this correctly! I really love this blog and as a amateur, I learned a lot just by reading stuff here. I made a lot of progress, especially when drawing women ( I’m sure you’re surprised :D ). So this redraw is also here as a tribute to your work and a way to show my progress. As I'm’ always looking for feedback and ways to improve, I would be glad if you could give some comments (especially if I messed something up in the process!)

    I really like that you laid out your thought process and what you changed and why.  I also really like what you did with it because you went with the “matrix” part of it and kept the goat horns, birds legs, etc, and tried to make her into a soldier.  And I like that you note how you kept the large chest, since that in itself is not necessarily an issue (lots of women have large chests).  (:

    I also like that expression you gave her because it makes her look confident and somewhat sinister, which is cool.  It gives some characterization to her just in the expression! (and the pose adds to that too)

    Your awesome redraw & explanation has me thinking about maybe using something like this for the next contest, like seeing how other people put together a character based on a combination of traits. :3  I like seeing different takes on the same concept, and from feedback I get in my inbox, it helps a lot of other people too!  Thank you so much for the effort you put into this and submitting it!

    January 27 2018

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    glassescatmurk submitted:

    Was browsing Tumblr & uhm?????

    The girl on the right is very law-abiding and angry at the fruit smuggling going on.  At least they’ve vacuum-sealed them to keep the quality.

    January 19 2018

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    sphinxofspace submitted:


    I’m so confused.  Aren’t ads supposed to give you an idea of what the product is or what you should expect?  I’m completely baffled what kind of game this is just by looking at this ad… Pocket Knights sounds like a fantasy game, but you have a girl in a jogging outfit, and then we are grading parts of her body (I know they’re probably referencing sliders but that’s still bizarre).

    I mean at least she’s getting A+s.  Good for her!

    January 18 2018

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    wincenworks submitted:

    I feel as though they decided that since she had an eyepatch it was super, super important that players understand she wears black undies and will let you see her butt.

    Source: https://twitter.com/XenobladeJP/status/928895429898485760

    I mean, to be fair, if I had a choice in spending my paycheque on an awesome eyepatch with a spike on it or to fix up my torn pants… I’d take the eyespike every time.

    January 17 2018

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    chrisjoshington submitted:

    Very recently, a new character named Loki was released for the main plot in Fire Emblem Heroes and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her outfit. Someone made the joke that it looks like someone randomly took a mspaint cut and paste tool to her outfit and I can’t get over how apt that is. Why would she ever need one buttcheek out on the battlefield.

    Jyn Erso’s father designed her dress and purposefully put in weak spots for the enemy to attack.

    January 16 2018

    2948 7ca9 500

    thegayngerzone submitted:

    I was watching SAO Abridged and yk despite the plot already being really…. hm, I was shocked by how many butts were in the animation itself. like. there were very few anime toddies from what I saw. only anime butts.

    This is like Ed Benes directed it or something.  It makes me think of wrestling when they want to hide who is arriving to the arena and you just get a bottom shot of the limo and 2 legs walking in and I always wonder why gophers are doing the camera work.  Maybe the same thing is happening here. xD

    January 15 2018

    2957 d3bb

    happyreeserella submitted:

    Hey, I posted about Mobile legends last time, and I’m posting about it again. I just noticed in the past day that the image for the thumbnail has a very large problem. Boobs are in the way of the string of the bow.

    Maybe those are actually bombs, and when she fires, the enemy is surprised when they dodge the arrow and get hit by flying bombs instead! :D

    January 14 2018

    duckromancy submitted:

    A classic birthday card from Dave Cockrum to Jim Shooter back in the ‘70s. Thought you might appreciate it. :)

    Haha, thanks for the laugh. xD

    (NSFW - humorous nudity under cut)

    <!-- more --> image

    January 13 2018

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    probably-unreliable submitted:

    The female characters in Granblue Fantasy are mostly more SFW in term of clothing and pose compare to other gacha games. But it gets really bad when they decide to sexualizing their characters, the newly released Ilsa here is an example of that.

    It sucks to lose your footing because of your battle heels and then have your body get twisted up badly due to the force of your attack D:

    January 12 2018

    2996 a5eb 500

    A follow up to the last post on the “Super Manga Matrix” book I found at the library.

    This is even weirder because girl + cat ears = cat girl at least is kind of straight forward, but if you told me “woman + pipe organ + armor + car and bike parts”, I would actually have no idea how you’re supposed to arrange that, especially not to come up with a specific look (and especially not that one) xD

    Also I’m amused that it says “all sides of the body are wrapped in leather” but the sides of her boobs are open (which makes no sense in a regular armor context but even less so when the description says all sides of her body are wrapped up).

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