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February 27 2017

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TraLaLaa Radio submitted:

We found this sexy (question mark?) ad for Dragonaut: The Resonance while flipping through the November 2009 issue of Play Magazine during a recent podcast recording. Because it’s easily the least of the problems displayed here, it’s easy to miss the horrors of the blue-shirted person’s right arm.

Real dragons have curves, many curves, snake curves all over the place!  That’s how you tell if a human is actually a real dragon in disguise.

February 25 2017

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somanysoundtracks submitted:                        

So remember that “Hyperdimension Neptunia” art piece that’s been on the blog twice? Well there’s also a figurine version. Any angle of this looks terrible, but here’s the one that imitates the art piece best. Amiami has more angles of the thing. I get sales emails from Crunchyroll and this was one of the highlighted items.

“New Dimension Game Neptunia VII - Next Purple 1/7 Complete”; sculpted by M.I.C.; featuring Neptune/Purple Heart.

Maybe she doubles as a boomerang!

February 24 2017

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cicelythereaper submitted:                        

Jessica Cruz in Green Lanterns #6, art by Will Conrad and Jack Herbert, aka serious swayback. 

I’m pretty sure that’s a rubber leg, even for a centaur…

Maybe she’s a decoy ring construct made by a Green Lantern who’s read this blog too much!

February 23 2017

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preciousterrestrials submitted:                        

  • Looks like someone beat you to it, Etrigan….
  • (Laura Fell and Etrigan drawn by Tom Derenick in Shadowpact #11)
  • New category of Escher Girl: The Twizzler Girl!

    February 22 2017

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    tinycarnivores submitted:                        

    Aside from the questionable outfit, it took me an embarrassingly long time to find the arm that connects to that hand to be sure it hadn’t spouted from the side of her boobs.

    More interestingly, is that her butt above her head? o:

    February 21 2017

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    zagglezig submitted:                        

    From the webcomic FaLLEN, which is a magical girl series aimed at teen+ ages. This is the first battle splash page for the intro of the ice power lady as a fighter.

    Hey, it’s the rare Escher Girls Triple Crown!  Boobs, butt, and crotch!  The ultimate triad attack!

    February 20 2017

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    universe63 submitted:                        

    Konami Turns Bomberman into Bombergirl

    Yes, I believe those are tiny buttcheeks at the bottom of the image.   Apparently bomb blasts do terrible things to body, primarily your spine.

    (and don’t get me started on the whole “destructible clothing” thing.)

    Maybe that’s where she stores extra bombs o:

    February 19 2017

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    dsm24 submitted:                        

    The infamous modern classic sexy-ninja franchise from Japan, Senran Kagura, actually had a cooking-rhythm game for the Playstation Vita in 2014, Dekamori Senran Kagura, which was later released in the USA as Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! This is from the official Japanese teaser trailer/opening animation, which can be viewed here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19hiqr_dekamori-senran-kagura-opening-animation_videogames  If you will notice, most, if not all, of the tags for EscherGirls, especially those that have to do with breasts, are checked at least once during the video.

    The boobs and bread pose! :D

    February 18 2017

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    reduxist submitted:                        

  • Coming at you live from the new Free-To-Play app, Fire Emblem Heroes, is a pegasus knight with some godawful boobs-and-butt poses!
  • I’m not sure if Fire Emblem has been covered here before, but I’d say this is a worthy welcome to eschergirls in general.
  • Foolishly, the player tried to sneak up on swivel girl…

    February 17 2017

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    settlechaos711 submitted:                        

    This is Devi, her costume is a string bikini made out of fire. FRA-KOOOMM!

    Nobody can defeat the queen of snake dance fights!

    February 16 2017

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    2goldensnitches submitted

    Aqua from Konosuba. I literally have no idea how her waist connects to her body or why it’s not moving with the rest of her waist.

    February 14 2017

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    death-g-reaper submitted:                        

    From the Manga Shadow Lady by Katsura Masakazu

    I don’t know the original publisher, but it came out in the west under Darkhorse.

    Pretty much all the action sequences are like this.

    Showing the important bits

    February 13 2017

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    pugsmalone submitted:                        

    Another ridiculous pose from the Lovecraftian anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

    That is Lovecraftian

    February 12 2017

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    liitohauki submitted:                        

    Cover art by Andy Kubert.

    Two thing stand out to me about this cover. One, where are Catwoman´s hips going? And two… What is up with the sexy goat nurse?

    1) to a job interview

    2) she’s horny

    February 11 2017

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    cattomboy submitted:                        

    Some choice screenshots from the anime Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer.

    Don’t worry though. It’s not just the ladies getting awkward battle outfits and boob windows. This guy gets in on the chest showing fun too.

    I hope his pecs also have as much enthusiasm for life as the first woman’s breasts, although maybe they’re just trying to flee.

    February 10 2017

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    dewdlebot submitted:                        

    So it’s been along time since I was into Polly Pockets but uh….Polly what have they done to you!?

    I think this is more just like people are so used to posing girls/women like this than trying to sexualize her.  But you run into the boobs and butt pose in the weirdest places sometimes -_o

    February 09 2017

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    death-g-reaper submitted:                        

    From the Manga Lilim Kiss

    There’s something off about that torso. I would venture to say the clothes are actually somewhat conservative as far as Succubus characters go.

    When you unseal a new toy only to find it’s warped in transit :(

    February 08 2017

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    someguyofficial submitted:                        

    OK so this person’s boobs are at 90 degrees to their hips, so far so implausible. The real problem as I see is that if Ant-Man is in their navel, their tummy is facing upwards while their hips and chest are aimed squarely at the camera.

    From page 7 (story page 5) of Guardians Team-Up #7, July 2015. Art by Shawn Crystal.

    Maybe he landed in a Hutt’s or other type of slug creature’s body? o:

    February 07 2017

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    therealityhelix submitted:                        

    So, this is Eclipso, from DC’s Countdown to Mystery tie-in to the Countdown event, and EVERYTHING IS WRONG.

    The boobs and blah pose

    February 06 2017

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    Rebel O'Conner submitted:                        

    I play pathfinder ( the pen and paper role playing game) and usually, women are correctly depicted. correct proportions, good poses, all covering armors ( for fighters) , and so on.

    but this one…

    Sylph are human of djinn bloodline, related to plane of air.

    it’s certainly the reason they wear see-through clothes and can fight forward looking at her back.

    Sylph race, from Pathfinder advanced race guide, Paizo publishing, art by Klaus Sherwinsky

    This was on the blog previously, but this is a better picture of it, so I’m posting it. 

    It still looks like a dance fight.

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