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May 22 2018

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This is something that  Ichan-Desu from DA made. I thought it was hilarious!!! 

Brought to my attention by @ms-silver and @somanysoundtracks!

Source: https://ichan-desu.deviantart.com/art/I-saw-a-hamster-plotting-my-death-yesterday-481515300

Thought it’d be funny for everybody here too :3

May 21 2018

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khantrapositive submitted:

(via: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Sharon_Carter_(Heroes_Reborn)_(Earth-616))

(Panel from Captain America Vol 2. #3, Marvel Comics)

I think SHIELD needs to go with a better company to make their look-alike decoys.

May 19 2018

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lesbiansportsanime submitted:

I found this little gem on one of those free anime websites from a game called Crystal Maidens. I don’t understand how her waist is connecting to her hips

I’m confused by the intended double entendre?  Because reverse cowgirl (afaik) is only a sexual position, so implying that this is a new definition, that’d only make sense if she was like an anthropomorphic cowgirl?  Or maybe I’m over-thinking it >_>

May 18 2018

Grenadier Sexy Fanservice compilation 3

jdsm24 submitted:

More meme-orable scenes from the 00’s anime adaptation of the action-heroine manga Grenadier, set in a sy-fy world which is Feudal Japan meets the Wild West; where the top fighters are gunslingers, specifically archetypical Mary-Sue genki-good-girl Rushana, who among other things, has mastered the all-female-only arts of 1) using her bouncing cleavage to load and store bullets even while on the move, and 2) swaying her hips in synchronized rhythm with shooting her gun. This is the 3rd in the series of GIFS from Grenadier I have sent, so you can see why the anime became infamous for so spectacularly combining together the tropes of “Gun Fu” and “Gainaxing”.

Now I’m curious about what a world would look like if people could use their breasts to do various tasks, like what kinds of tools humans would have developed from the beginning >_> 

(Gif included as a link again because it’s too big to upload to tumblr)

May 17 2018

Grenadier Gun-Fu Bouncing Breasts Bullets

jdsm24 submitted:

A brief collection of some of the most meme-orable scenes from the anime version of the shonen manga Grenadier.

The Grenadier anime managed to become (in)famous in the early 00’s for combining two tropes: the relatively-rarely-depicted-in-Japanese-fantastic-fiction (as compared to others) martial weapons art of what is known as “Gun-Fu” (since guns are mostly outlawed in Japan) with the phenomenon known as “Gainaxing”.

Shown in the pictures are the 2 best martial artists in their world (blonde is the Mary Sue-Good Girl protagonist Rushana, brunette is her Bad Girl archnemesis/rival Setsuna), who have mastered the way of the gun, as well as the secret female-only technique of using their own cleavage to store and load bullets, even while still under fire from their opponents.

I don’t know what the problem is, this is how I do everything - by bouncing them off my boobs… whether it’s reloading, playing video games, eating biscuits, reading books, and even updating this blog!  I’m bouncing my keyboard up and down to type the words right now!

(attached as a link because the gif is too big to upload to Tumblr, click through to see the whole thing)

May 15 2018

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Just a quick thing I put together. This blew my fucking MIND when my anatomy teacher pointed it out. My drawings instantly got better. You might know it (good for you, I wish I knew it before too T_T) or you might not and it might help you get better.

Reblogging a potentially useful tutorial people might be interested in :3

May 14 2018

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Spent the last two days working on this little archery guide in art and writing. Considering the rise in popularity of archers in pop culture this hopefully  comes in handy for a bunch of fandoms.

Since odd or hilariously awkward archer poses show up a lot on this blog, I thought this might be a useful tutorial/reference post to pass on! :3

May 13 2018

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Submitted by @veronicadoesart via Twitter

What is even going on here?

Everyone else is jumping in a sensible way but Black Widow has decide to enter the fight ass first I guess

She’s trying to turn herself into a human throwing star to hurl herself against the foe!!!

(Page from Fear Itself #7, Marvel Comics)

May 11 2018

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hayley566 submitted:

From the manga “magical girl site”. For some reason, they insist on sexualizing the deaths of underage girls in some way. Like a severed ass in a pool or a girl’s twitching pantie shot after her head has been crushed.

wow, that’s pretty gross… one of the more jarring “sexualized in defeat” examples in this blog, I think o:

May 10 2018

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Machi submitted:

(Picture taken with my phone, sorry about the quality)

This is from Captain America n°116, published in august 1969. The comic has a lot of anatomy issues, especially in the fight scenes, but this… Sharon bids farewell to Captain America, and it apparently need her to do a boobs and butt pose.

Just… Why ?

she’s actually a skrull? or like a plastic bottle…

May 09 2018

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hellionil submitted:

This add popped up when I was playing sudoku on my phone. The game is supposed to be a high fantasy battle game about slaying monsters with “strong female warriors”. Because… you know… nothing says strong female warriors quite like a remake of a sleazy x rated comedy movie poster.

I guess the angels do the fighting and the cherubs do the poster creation, which explains the eye level >_>

May 08 2018

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avatarwill113 submitted:

More of Chichi Chichi

A panel from Chichi Chichi. And here we see the Eastern Breast Smoother in the process of hunting.

the true apex predator

May 06 2018

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kaylamoonbeam submitted:

So, I’m not sure what exactly is happening here, but… who the hell is she supposed to be a clone of, and… what the duck is going on?

When you over train your heroes and give them seran wrap clothes, they become unhappy and work to rule and refuse to work on the holidays until you get them proper fitting clothes?

May 04 2018

einhornglitzenkampf said:

I remember playing Persona 3 and I found out whenever you put certain items of armour on the female characters - like the high-cut armour or the spiked bra - they would complain and call you a pervert. (Some changed the appearance of the characters, but ones like the spiked bra didn’t.) Unfortunately, some of these armours had really good stats for that point in the game, so it was just uncomfortable all round.            

That is pretty uncomfortable, especially since the characters even tell you they don’t enjoy it, and yet you’re incentivized do it because of the stats o:

May 03 2018

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jdsm24 submitted:

Official art from Hobby Japan featuring the main casts of both the Seven Mortal Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues franchises.Notice how Archangel Michael of Faith is doing an ultimate boobs-and-butt pose in front…

Catholic school didn’t prepare me adequately for this

May 02 2018

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confusiongrows submitted:

This upcoming Nightwing cover featuring Batgirl has so many issues I barely know where to begin, but damn that’s some twisted anatomy.

At least it’s kinda equal opportunity?  Not sure if that helps.  Maybe that dude is trying to add them to his legion of the undead and they’re already being affected o:

May 01 2018

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avatarwill113 submitted:

This is Jupiter as she appears in Pokemon Adventures. That’s not how legs work.

Maybe she’s actually a Ditto trying their best

April 30 2018

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jdsm24 submitted:

Another example of “Gainaxing” from the (in)famous Eiken anime, featuring the same character from my previous submission, Kirika Misono, showcasing another display of her mammary bouyancy, which exceeds her prior records!

ow ow ow ow ow ow (and also ow)

April 27 2018

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ah-hei-huahua submitted:

Fire Emblem Cipher releases a new card with Lyn.

From what I’m seeing in this picture, Lyn was shooting these soldiers then someone comes behind her, ready to attack. So what she does is twist her spine like a rubix cube in order to shoot them.

even invisible quicksand isn’t enough to stop archer turret girl!

April 26 2018

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unusualjuggernaut submitted:

I am pretty sure this is official art, and I know this character has been on here before, but i can’t remember the series or name. one of my friends posted this on their discord and I just.. no.

Woman parts placed on a poorly made sausage torso.

That’s Luna Luna from Queen’s Blade!  And given her outfit, maybe she has sausage powers. o:

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