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Julie submitted:

I discovered Eschergirls yesterday, and felt compelled to pick out the most memorably horrible picture and do a redraw. So, I went for it :) 
It just blows my mind that “professional” artists can get away with such bad anatomy, weird composition, nonsensical lighting, zero values, cluttered lining, copycat character design, expressions that don’t match the dialog… I could go on and on.

I love all these redraws I’m getting lately!  They’re all really good and I love seeing different takes on the same scene.

For this one, I like how even though you kept the pose and proportions more or less the same, you made slight changes that make all the difference.  Her skin and hair no longer look like they’re made of plastic or rubber, and I like the boxer shorts you gave her.  Also the slight changes to her torso make her look less doll like (and still really attractive.)  And her eyes are looking to where her father supposedly is.  Since there’s two word bubbles (her being startled, and her responding to her dad), there are two ways to interpret how her expression should be.  The original artist went with the first one (being shocked awake) and you went with the second, which I think is just as valid.  :)

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