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daour submitted:                        

At first glance nothing seems too odd until you realize the leg in front is the left leg.

The Invisible Woman variant of the boobs-and-butt pose, the boobs-and-no-butt pose.

Alt text: The ground isn’t the only thing Molecule Man is bending.

Alternate alt text: Is a boobs-and-butt pose still a boobs-and-butt pose if you can’t see the butt?

Source: Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #11, cover by Juan Santacruz and Chris Sotomayor (2006, Marvel Comics).

Gotta appreciate the guy who lettered the final cover and covered that with the bar code.

Wow yeah. Nice catch.  Also amusing because the bar code cover-up is also the “all ages” label!

Maybe her wandering, adventurous butt is meant to indicate that there will be a lot of adventures in the book!

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