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somanysoundtracks submitted:                        

Saw this ad (1st image) on my twitter feed today, with D.Va’s B&B front and center. The original piece (2nd image) is: “Hanamura showdown” by Dmitriy Prozorov

What’s extra “interesting” is that the twitter ad not only crops the image to basically only include D.Va, but it also moved the only other woman (Cassia) in the image to be in the shot, which would normally be neat, but I’m pretty sure the reasoning was “how much of teh bewbs can we cram in there and also imply catfighting?” (D.Va in the original piece is fighting Gul'dan, while Cassia is fighting Diablo) It was also funny that if you click through the ad, depending on your browser size, the button for a cinematic might be on D.Va’s butt. You can enlarge the screen and it’ll move off, but her B&B is still even more front and center and it’s kind of like… why do I need to do that?

Also, Cassia is a lot more muscular in-game. Can’t imagine why she’s so waifish in the image. -insert sarcasm-

Also, awkward because the ad shop moved Cassia from jumping to being on ground-level, so she looks odd.  She’s probably trying to help D. Va un-rubberize though.

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