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Field Trip submitted:

So I took a crack at redlining the lady with the breasts coming out of the skeleton

Yeah this picture was really fascinating to me, for the sheer “what am I actually looking at here” factor, so I attempted to redline it. (picture 2)

So far so good. Next I had to make sense of that… thing next to her boob. Only thing was, I wasn’t sure just what the hell it was supposed to be.
The most reasonable I could come up with was that it was her left elbow. (picture 3)

It’s still a stupid pose, but it almost makes sense.

I did also consider the possibility that it was supposed to be her left boob, which… (picture 4)

oh boy.

Another red-line attempt and interpretation! :D  The elbow idea is fascinating, the previous post suggested it was part of a creature’s horn, but elbow is an interesting interpretation too.  I find all of these attempts at analyzing this picture cool :)  Thank you.

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