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Koto’s New Supergirl Statues

Have you seen Kotobukiya’s two new Supergirl figures? I like them both a lot, for different reasons. I know you don’t usually do positive examples, but we can all use it sometimes, eh?

One is for the ARTFXJ line, and the other is their more fanservicey Bishojo line. Shockingly, the Bishojo one is actually really great! The pose is dynamic, the anatomy is nice, and the only thing that’s at all sexualized about it is how short her skirt is, but even that honestly is better than she tends to get in the comics and it’s not creepy-short, just sexy-short.

I’m honestly floored by how much I like the Bishojo one, but they did right by Kamala Khan, too.

Wow, I like them both too :D  Very cool!

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