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jdsm24 submitted:

This picture from Blade of Queen was surprisingly on a page of a website I regularly visit (for work-related purposes, as I’m a paralegal), which was devoted to, of all unrelated things, Philippine legal jurisprudence.

Click on it, and it brings you to a larger uncropped version of the same pic, except her breasts are actually breathing/vibrating/expanding-and-contracting: http://lcfboq.coco2games.com/new_lp?utm_campaign=960514&utm_source=gg&game=96&utm_term=fgph325&gclid=CJuGr-jfgNUCFY0HKgodgLoB2A  (I couldn’t save it as a GIF).

Guess they’ll just pop up literally anywhere on the internet, no matter how unlikely, eh? BTW BoQ turns out to not be a porn game at all, not even in any in-game sub-game,  so those expecting to find any follow-up to this scene in the mmorpg itself, will be sorely disappointed ;p

I wonder if the original name was meant to be Boob of Queen

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