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Vykromod submitted:

Saw this and thought of you. The right boob is so obviously wrong that at least two other examples of Escher anatomy are comparatively hidden. I fear what the bow might be covering up in the pelvis area.

Body detachment aside, what is she even aiming at?

And sure, let’s turn this into the next caption contest!  Winner wins a Steam game of their choice (from what I have available in my inventory when the contest ends)! :D

Submit your answer (what is she aiming at? and/or what is happening?) using reblog, tumblr comment, or disqus comment!

Wow you all came up with some really great and creative captions for this contest! :D  It was hard for me to pick my finalists.  But ultimately, I chose these 5! :D

Asta Kask said: “I used to be an adventurer but then I took an arrow to the foot.”

Nyde said: A situation all too familiar for us who have worn a strapless bra and had to hitch it up while pretending to do something else.

jasartist said: Her legendary aim was said to be so true, that her right arm did excise itself, and the right breast would rise up to offer its support.

wildfire1187 said: That moment when you have to scratch your nose while trying to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

mystic-sybil said: What happens in pantless archery club stays in pantsless archery club

And an honorable mention also goes to Kahnaii for writing 2 short stories for this image :o

And the winner is….


Congratulations, Nyde!

In my Steam investory atm I have: Castle Crashers, The Blackwell Bundle, Doom 3, Hotel Giant 2, Not The Robots, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, The Ship Bundle, & Velvet Assassin

Please email or message me with your Steam/email details and which game you want as your prize :)

Thank you all for participating!  Stay tuned for another contest soon! :)

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