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February 11 2017

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cattomboy submitted:                        

Some choice screenshots from the anime Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer.

Don’t worry though. It’s not just the ladies getting awkward battle outfits and boob windows. This guy gets in on the chest showing fun too.

I hope his pecs also have as much enthusiasm for life as the first woman’s breasts, although maybe they’re just trying to flee.

February 10 2017

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dewdlebot submitted:                        

So it’s been along time since I was into Polly Pockets but uh….Polly what have they done to you!?

I think this is more just like people are so used to posing girls/women like this than trying to sexualize her.  But you run into the boobs and butt pose in the weirdest places sometimes -_o

February 09 2017

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death-g-reaper submitted:                        

From the Manga Lilim Kiss

There’s something off about that torso. I would venture to say the clothes are actually somewhat conservative as far as Succubus characters go.

When you unseal a new toy only to find it’s warped in transit :(

February 08 2017

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someguyofficial submitted:                        

OK so this person’s boobs are at 90 degrees to their hips, so far so implausible. The real problem as I see is that if Ant-Man is in their navel, their tummy is facing upwards while their hips and chest are aimed squarely at the camera.

From page 7 (story page 5) of Guardians Team-Up #7, July 2015. Art by Shawn Crystal.

Maybe he landed in a Hutt’s or other type of slug creature’s body? o:

February 07 2017

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therealityhelix submitted:                        

So, this is Eclipso, from DC’s Countdown to Mystery tie-in to the Countdown event, and EVERYTHING IS WRONG.

The boobs and blah pose

February 06 2017

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Rebel O'Conner submitted:                        

I play pathfinder ( the pen and paper role playing game) and usually, women are correctly depicted. correct proportions, good poses, all covering armors ( for fighters) , and so on.

but this one…

Sylph are human of djinn bloodline, related to plane of air.

it’s certainly the reason they wear see-through clothes and can fight forward looking at her back.

Sylph race, from Pathfinder advanced race guide, Paizo publishing, art by Klaus Sherwinsky

This was on the blog previously, but this is a better picture of it, so I’m posting it. 

It still looks like a dance fight.

February 05 2017

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barf submitted:                        

Some art of Feuille from Z/X Ignition, in play mat and deck box form! I don’t know what’s going on or how to tag this but I know it’s not ok

Angle girl is angular

February 04 2017

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bonzai-bunny submitted:                        

this comes from an email from comixology but the more i look at elektra the more wrong she seems.

She’s also transforming and rolling out? 

February 03 2017

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racklestackles submitted:                        

From Araña #1 penciled by Roger Cruz. Not sure how she managed that toss without throwing out her back.

Spider powers?  I guess that’s also why her pants are stucking to her butt so much

February 02 2017

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vapidkoala submitted:                        

Plachta from Atelier Sophie in Koei Tecmo Crossover Mosou All Stars

Bibbipty Bobbity Boobs and Butt

February 01 2017

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whirlyblurrs submitted:                        

So a short while back someone submitted an image from the manga “Mahou Shoujo of the End/Magical Girl Apocalypse” and, out of curiosity, I decided to check it out to see if it was just a single poorly-draw panel, and….


I…honestly can’t tell what’s going on with her lower half? It’s as if her rear end is trying to turn into a balloon and fly off of her disfigured torso…

I’d be screaming too if I was the guy pressed against this freaky snake lady.

They’re both snake people and she’s worried about him because he seems so non-bendy.

January 31 2017

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edithpiafofficial submitted:                        

Look at how bodacious this rotting corpse is.

The boobs on zombies thing has always been odd to me.

January 30 2017

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evilzucchini submitted:                        

Stumbled upon this gem

From “Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!“

She looks like she’s peaking out from behind a statue of a butt and legs?

January 29 2017

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Baby submitted:                        

So I decided to figure out this pose, seeing as how it has a lot of issues; and since it had to do with perspective, I tried to recreate with Manga Studio’s 3D model, to see why.

I had to turn off ‘Joint Limit’ just to get it exact; the left shoulder got so skewed, I had to spend a few minutes to get it back to normal!

Then there’s the crack in her stomach; to figure out why I did that, I drew the red line. It’s because the hips and chest are both in different positions, it can’t be the same one. To achieve it, the body snaps.

During the red line I also discovered how the boobs and legs were different sizes; the left leg sticks out literally from the front hip, like it was glued on. :o

Lastly, as I was posing the figure felt sorry for my Manga model; that’s pretty bad.

Well I hope you enjoy this breakdown; the last image was my attempt at making the poor model feel better, just because she’s horribly disfigured doesn’t mean she can’t live normally. :D

That last part of the gif just freaks me out xD

Nice job and thanks for the breakdown :)

January 28 2017

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racklestackles submitted:

From Batman: Hush art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair. The art in this book is really beautiful (which I wasn’t expecting from Jim Lee), but Batgirl’s pose in this panel is just so absurd.


January 27 2017

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Submitted by rainyneko 

She’s so upset she can’t speak, so her breasts have to beg us to help :(

January 26 2017

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topazsbullshit submitted:

So, idk if this mmo has been featured here, but to it’s credit, TERA is a really fun game….but…

For an army that’s constantly yammering on about how their troops are dying left and right….shouldn’t they invest in…more practical armor?

What I find funny is that they censored some armor in the NA version but THIS is still in the game.

TERA has been on here before, and that armor is very confusing?  I assume this is like an Achilles thing and they’re mostly invulnerable except for their shoulders, arms, and calves?

January 25 2017

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thisisapersonhere submitted:

So i found this while trying to watch Steven Universe on kisscartoon…

The new expansion: Attack of the insect bunny women!

January 24 2017

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Tiffany submitted:

I saw your post –.  http://eschergirls.tumblr.com/post/119211712115/racklestackles-submitted-swords-of-sorrow-1

And tried to figure out how it would look if she stood upright; the visual was so horrifying that I decided to share it with all of you. meet, the FLY!

Seriously, how is her chest connecting to the top of her back like that?

You’ve solved it!

January 23 2017

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whiterosebrian submitted:

For your consideration, a scan from Madame Mirage

Dogs have keen senses right? So getting into doggystyle can only help your spying!

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