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April 20 2017

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bluuuuuh-im-a-fucking-car submitted:                        

These tumblr ads keep getting weirder and more gross everyday

At first I was just gonna make a joke about the armor symbol pointing to her clothes for the first pic and then I noted the heart pointed at her crotch? -_o 

And that second one o_o

April 19 2017

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owl-factory submitted:                        

Someone get this girl a chiropractor

Ow.  Maybe she swivels around her waist chopping people like a blender.

April 18 2017

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JD submitted:

This is a player character from Blade & Soul by NCsoft. No mods - this was created legitimately and with in-game costumes.

Boobs and Soul.

April 17 2017

April 16 2017

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trak-nar submitted:                        

Saw this while scrolling through my dash. I see some lopsided boobs trying to escape, a disembodied head, and a stupid caption. I also highly suspect the art is stolen from somewhere, but I’m not sure where.

With these game ads, it’s sadly almost always stolen :\ 

Also she said “breast” so maybe only just the one can get bigger 

April 15 2017

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thebiscuiteternal submitted:                        

I know, I know, Liefeld, but sometimes you just gotta revisit the classics, you know?

Actually, that’s by Ian Churchill!  Also that’s not a bad job disguising an AT-ST as Enchantress

April 14 2017

WIP 2 - MALIKI - Webcomic

pierre-lebeaupin submitted:                        

Maliki published an interesting take on how to eschew the boobs and butts pose, in the context of a poster she made for a Japan-culture convention: http://maliki.com/strips/wip-2-2/ (about halfway down; in French, but understandable anyway).

Here she owns up to the fact the pose is not going to be dynamic, and compensates with stronger composition and design, among others.

Oh hay that’s cool!  Something I think will interest a lot of the people who follow this blog too! :D

Thanks for sharing it :)

April 13 2017

I’m back!

Sorry for the delay but I finished my papers!  I still have an exam to go, though, and I’m sick from the stress of doing my papers -_-  But I’m back!  I’m going through my inbox though, so things might take a little to be processed.  Keep submitting if you see anything though :)

(And good luck on finals for those who have them!)


March 18 2017

That time of year again :(

Just an update to let everybody know that updates will be spotty for the next few weeks while I’m in the stretch drive of my school year.  I have a lot of papers due and I’m dealing with some health issues too, so I probably won’t be able to go through the inbox or update the blog regularly until April.  Keep sending in submissions though!  i will get to them!

Thank you for understanding,

Ami Angelwings

PS: Also, I will have some newsy stuff hopefully after the break and a time to work on the site, including a possible p/vodcast! o:

March 15 2017

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princess-slowpoke submitted:                        

I made an attempt at understanding and fixing this girl, but I honestly just don’t know what’s happening. 

Also, my drawing is a bit crap, my tablet just died so I had to do with the touchpad, please excuse me :’)

I commend your effort in trying to figure it out! 

March 14 2017

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cheezbuckets submitted:                        

So, I just started reading the Murder Princess manga after being thoroughly surprised by the lack of gratuitous fanservice in the anime. I was disappointed. I dare someone to try to redline whatever the heck’s going on with that hip/leg situation.

She has 4 legs and the other two are sitting tucked

March 13 2017

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alexandriteinthebutterflysky submitted:

This specific character, Mai Natsume from Blazblue Centralfiction/Remix Heart/Variable Heart, has been on this blog twice before. What hasn’t been here before is her pre-battle chat portrait! I feel like this would’ve been a good pose if she didn’t look like she is a clay structure or some kind of dough.

It’s a reverse boobs and butt pose!  Also I would find it so hard to focus on fighting with those pants, if they fall just a couple inches D:

March 12 2017

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nekromantenhase submitted:                        

So here´s my take on that Elsword Online advertisement.

I prefer it if fighters look at least somewhat muscly, which is why I made her bulkier in comparison to the original drawing. Please don´t think I “deleted” her chest size. I just kept thinking were all that squish would end up behind a leather armor and thought that it would probably look rather subtle.

I like it! :D  That looks really cool!

March 11 2017

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Marvel Swimsuit Special, Vol. 1 # 4 Page 23, by the Hildebrandts.

M submitted:                        

No ridiculous anatomy distortions really but it’s funny how things change from thumbnail/loose pencils to the final piece.

It went from a couple who are really into each other to Jean showing off her boobs and Rodin’s The Thinker, I mean, Scott, flexing his guns (since the original pose would most likely have resulted in a more flaccid bicep). It’s for the swimsuit issue (lol 90s)… but still!

Posting because I think this is pretty interesting for those into comic art and process :)

March 10 2017

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artchuu submitted:                        

idol mobage,anyone?

A beach snake! o:

(From Tokyo 7th Sisters, Donuts)

March 09 2017

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swagblu submitted:

These are from a browser game called Flower Knight Girl, which is hosted on dmm, the same site as KanColle or Touken Ranbu.

It’s one of these collect-girls games and features personified flowers. The game play is rather nice, and some of the art is really pretty, but unfortunately, the game also got many cases of twisted spines and balloon boobs, and here you can see some of my… favorites.

Funnily enough, in all these cases, it’s only the girls’ ‘evolved’ art to get like this, while they still wear proper clothes and got proper anatomy on their base art. Apparently, you can only get stronger by ditching your armor and twisting your spine.

Obviously as they evolve towards being a flower, they become more flexible and need sunlight for energy, so they wear fewer clothes.

March 08 2017

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submitted by catchaloststar

(Lucina from Fire Emblem Heroes, Intelligent Systems, Nintendo)

Me before Escher Girls —> Me after Escher Girls

March 07 2017

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anon submitted:

Official art from the Digimon Heroes mobile game, featuring Angewomon apparently getting snapped in half and… since when was Beelzemon a girl? Gotta love sexy Rule 63!

I’m having trouble focusing on Angewomon’s rubbery mid-section because I keep seeing her hair as a banana peel and it’s very distracting.

Also, Bellestarmon has blackberries on her chest or something?  So maybe this is all actually about fruits o:

March 06 2017

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butteryseawater submitted:

This is a cute little mobile game where you run a cafe, and you can choose between the girl and guy as your assistant. In game it’s okay because everybody’s chibi, but lord does the title screen’s complete lack of respect (or rather just complete lack) to her back kills me a little every time…

Maybe she’s both owner and waitress for her cafe and the waitress half wants to walk out on strike

March 05 2017

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thecuriousmagpie submitted:                        

I’m not even sure what I’m looking at here… Anyone care to analyse/categorise/redraw?

Yeah I too am confused.  Some stuff?  And boob. 

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