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March 14 2017

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cheezbuckets submitted:                        

So, I just started reading the Murder Princess manga after being thoroughly surprised by the lack of gratuitous fanservice in the anime. I was disappointed. I dare someone to try to redline whatever the heck’s going on with that hip/leg situation.

She has 4 legs and the other two are sitting tucked

March 13 2017

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alexandriteinthebutterflysky submitted:

This specific character, Mai Natsume from Blazblue Centralfiction/Remix Heart/Variable Heart, has been on this blog twice before. What hasn’t been here before is her pre-battle chat portrait! I feel like this would’ve been a good pose if she didn’t look like she is a clay structure or some kind of dough.

It’s a reverse boobs and butt pose!  Also I would find it so hard to focus on fighting with those pants, if they fall just a couple inches D:

March 12 2017

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nekromantenhase submitted:                        

So here´s my take on that Elsword Online advertisement.

I prefer it if fighters look at least somewhat muscly, which is why I made her bulkier in comparison to the original drawing. Please don´t think I “deleted” her chest size. I just kept thinking were all that squish would end up behind a leather armor and thought that it would probably look rather subtle.

I like it! :D  That looks really cool!

March 11 2017

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Marvel Swimsuit Special, Vol. 1 # 4 Page 23, by the Hildebrandts.

M submitted:                        

No ridiculous anatomy distortions really but it’s funny how things change from thumbnail/loose pencils to the final piece.

It went from a couple who are really into each other to Jean showing off her boobs and Rodin’s The Thinker, I mean, Scott, flexing his guns (since the original pose would most likely have resulted in a more flaccid bicep). It’s for the swimsuit issue (lol 90s)… but still!

Posting because I think this is pretty interesting for those into comic art and process :)

March 10 2017

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artchuu submitted:                        

idol mobage,anyone?

A beach snake! o:

(From Tokyo 7th Sisters, Donuts)

March 09 2017

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swagblu submitted:

These are from a browser game called Flower Knight Girl, which is hosted on dmm, the same site as KanColle or Touken Ranbu.

It’s one of these collect-girls games and features personified flowers. The game play is rather nice, and some of the art is really pretty, but unfortunately, the game also got many cases of twisted spines and balloon boobs, and here you can see some of my… favorites.

Funnily enough, in all these cases, it’s only the girls’ ‘evolved’ art to get like this, while they still wear proper clothes and got proper anatomy on their base art. Apparently, you can only get stronger by ditching your armor and twisting your spine.

Obviously as they evolve towards being a flower, they become more flexible and need sunlight for energy, so they wear fewer clothes.

March 08 2017

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submitted by catchaloststar

(Lucina from Fire Emblem Heroes, Intelligent Systems, Nintendo)

Me before Escher Girls —> Me after Escher Girls

March 07 2017

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anon submitted:

Official art from the Digimon Heroes mobile game, featuring Angewomon apparently getting snapped in half and… since when was Beelzemon a girl? Gotta love sexy Rule 63!

I’m having trouble focusing on Angewomon’s rubbery mid-section because I keep seeing her hair as a banana peel and it’s very distracting.

Also, Bellestarmon has blackberries on her chest or something?  So maybe this is all actually about fruits o:

March 06 2017

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butteryseawater submitted:

This is a cute little mobile game where you run a cafe, and you can choose between the girl and guy as your assistant. In game it’s okay because everybody’s chibi, but lord does the title screen’s complete lack of respect (or rather just complete lack) to her back kills me a little every time…

Maybe she’s both owner and waitress for her cafe and the waitress half wants to walk out on strike

March 05 2017

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thecuriousmagpie submitted:                        

I’m not even sure what I’m looking at here… Anyone care to analyse/categorise/redraw?

Yeah I too am confused.  Some stuff?  And boob. 

March 04 2017

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jabraille submitted:

oglaf.com - Sexual Dimorphism: The Revenge

I thought you’d appreciate this (mildly NSFW) comic about the extreme sexual dimorphism of fantasy creatures.

T-Regina makes me laugh.  Now I want the adventures of T-Regina.

(Also cute comic and point)

March 03 2017

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Djeeta from Granblue Fantasy submitted by probably-unreliable

When your coworkers prank you by cutting holes in your clothes and gluing your boots to the ground but you’re trying to show they don’t get to you.

(I’m now convinced that Djeeta is the hardest working girl in fantasy gaming)

March 02 2017

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Djeeta from Granblue Fantasy submitted by  probably-unreliable

When your work clothes shrunk in the wash and you can barely move in them but you’re still trying your best

March 01 2017

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probably-unreliable submitted:

Djeeta by Minaba Hideo, she’s one of the two main characters from a Japanese mobile/browser game called Granblue Fantasy.

The last pic is her male counterpart to for some comparison between the two characters.

TFW you’re on a beach vacation and the boss calls you into work >_>

February 28 2017

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Act submitted:

There are about a billion things wrong with this, but most importantly, this appears to be a 3D boob flounder.

lolly-pop-girl732 submitted:

I can’t get over how ridiculous Good Smile’s new Super Sonico 10th Anniversary wedding dress figure looks.

When you slept in on your wedding day and don’t have time to find the rest of your dress

February 27 2017

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Johnny D submitted:                        

League of Angels is back at it with this new frontal hero. But who’s the white-haired chick that’s cutting around her?

From her torso, it looks like the cutting girl might have cut her into pieces and she’s trying to hide it with her arm D:

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TraLaLaa Radio submitted:

We found this sexy (question mark?) ad for Dragonaut: The Resonance while flipping through the November 2009 issue of Play Magazine during a recent podcast recording. Because it’s easily the least of the problems displayed here, it’s easy to miss the horrors of the blue-shirted person’s right arm.

Real dragons have curves, many curves, snake curves all over the place!  That’s how you tell if a human is actually a real dragon in disguise.

February 25 2017

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somanysoundtracks submitted:                        

So remember that “Hyperdimension Neptunia” art piece that’s been on the blog twice? Well there’s also a figurine version. Any angle of this looks terrible, but here’s the one that imitates the art piece best. Amiami has more angles of the thing. I get sales emails from Crunchyroll and this was one of the highlighted items.

“New Dimension Game Neptunia VII - Next Purple 1/7 Complete”; sculpted by M.I.C.; featuring Neptune/Purple Heart.

Maybe she doubles as a boomerang!

February 24 2017

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cicelythereaper submitted:                        

Jessica Cruz in Green Lanterns #6, art by Will Conrad and Jack Herbert, aka serious swayback. 

I’m pretty sure that’s a rubber leg, even for a centaur…

Maybe she’s a decoy ring construct made by a Green Lantern who’s read this blog too much!

February 23 2017

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preciousterrestrials submitted:                        

  • Looks like someone beat you to it, Etrigan….
  • (Laura Fell and Etrigan drawn by Tom Derenick in Shadowpact #11)
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