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May 09 2017

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gibdo submitted:                        

I’ve been getting… weird ads on instagram. I don’t even know what’s happening with her body, the more I look at it the more confused I get.

Maybe she’s like the prawn version of a mermaid

May 08 2017

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portkeytonarnia submitted:                        

I see you featured the Megumin Bunny, but her counterpart Aqua has a nice rubber spine as well. This is perhaps her worst angle.

I added another image just to show off the full boob and butt pose.

Maybe she’s actually a chocolate bunny left out in the sun too long o:

(From http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/6335/Aqua+Bunny+Ver.html)

May 07 2017

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Brum submitted:

My take on the ‘12 heads tall’ woman of Liefeld, still not perfect but hopefully a little better…

But how will she help the other AT-STs on Hoth now? :(

May 06 2017

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fortangel submitted:                        

The anatomy actually isn’t bad butt…

I feel like that top bit is commenting on me going through my inbox just looking at all these butt and boob submissions. xD

I think the game would be more accurately titled if it was like Butts and Rings, tho I’m not sure where the rings are.

May 05 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:                        

Official proof-of-concept art on the left, actual finished figurine on the right: “Office Lady, Version 2.0”, the latest Super Sonico “life-size” statue from Japan’s Nitroplus.  Note that her proportions are both shorter and plumper (ex. her torso & thighs) in 3-d as opposed to 2-d, and that in the conversion, her chest is less boobsocky as they are now shaped to be more rounder and less oblong, while her nipples are more pointy.

Somebody untangle her D:  Also get this office some cordless phones!  This is obviously a safety hazard

May 04 2017

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loverofmythology submitted:

Schick hydro commercial where the razor has breasts… via @dodaistewart on Twitter

They made the razor have like DD breasts in the commercial, as if a commercial for a razor needs to be sexy -.-

Full ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8c39N2FS2E

Honestly, this might be one of the better portrayals of women on this blog xD

May 03 2017

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  • fetus-cakes submitted:                        
  • Today I got a clickbait ad where they literally stole the character design of Catherine

    I think it’s appropriate for this blog because her body looks like two halves that don’t belong together

    I think it’s worth noting that they didn’t bother to change anything about Catherine’s design

    *(Disclaimer: Nobody may actually be talking about this game)

    ** also this character may not appear

    *** and we may have ripped her from another game

    May 02 2017

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    aliceandnyx submitted:

    A while ago I was playing this game that is totally isn’t another popular game/tv show and almost all of the female characters wore bikinis and a special few were posed like this. The men however were not.

    At least the name fits?  If you have a higher bond do they become a complete circle?

    (Screenshot from Pika Q, GAME Dreamer)

    May 01 2017

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    kaospersona submitted:

    At least as an android, 18 has a plausible ability to pose like that. Though I don’t recall the Dragon Ball Z character ever being quite so *ahem* endowed.


    I blame Krillin.

    April 30 2017

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    iamthegps submitted:                        

    I tried to replicate this pose and pulled a muscle in my back.

    (I was disappointed- I made a fake login just for this and the stupid thing wouldn’t even load on my computer… So if anyone wants to try it out as rusty-shackelford@yahoo.com, the password is thisisbullshit)

    This thing could be like malware, so I’m not recommending anybody try it out without precautions.  But if anybody wants to examine it for science, send me screenshots because I’m seriously curious. Especially, given the odd ads that have been featured here which seem to have nothing to do with fantasy.

    Near Death - Not about Near from Death Note shockingly - YouTube

    Hi!  This is Ami (who runs Escher Girls)

    For those that don’t know, I also do video game streaming (which I haven’t done for a bit because of school, but I’ll be doing a lot more of during the summer).  Just letting people who might be interested know that I’m going to be streaming the survival game Near Death in about 10-20 minutes (12:30-40am EDT) if you want to see me and my new hair play games! (I don’t look great due to stress breakouts from exams >_<)

    April 29 2017

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    zackcandraw submitted:

    Wait, is that her shoulder or her boobs?

    This is from the game Clash of Dawn by Ujoy.

    It took me awhile to realise that no, that’s not her far shoulder running away from her body.

    I’m confused.  I think that IS her far shoulder? Because it’s under the same shoulder ornament thing her near shoulder is… but then that just makes everything even more confusing.  

    April 28 2017

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    Bob submitted:

    Greg Land at his best

    I’m surprised this classic by Greg Land hasn’t been on here before (at least I didn’t find it under the “Greg Land” tag). Do you think Greg Land has seen actual women’s breast or just what he’s traced from porn?

    Even tracing from porn doesn’t explain some of this.

    April 27 2017

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    charactergoods submitted:                        

    spines… don’t work that way

    Maybe this is for measuring right angles.

    (Megumin from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! statuette from: https://otakumode.com/shop/58c9ff2f8166176e5204e97d/KonoSuba-2-Megumin-Bunny-Ver-1-4-Scale-Figure)

    April 26 2017

    7949 4970

    frost prince submitted:                        

    ah, yes, the two face types of womankind– “round” and “oval.”  and also the most important part, the brest.

    Wait is this even a fantasy game? She’s in jean shorts and a cami… Also maybe the squirrel is named Brest and you choose how big it is on the camisole xD

    April 25 2017

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    Anna T. submitted:

    Yet another generic game with a breast slider – and they don’t even know how to spell breast properly!

    Tag yourself. I’m Brest.

    April 24 2017

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    daour submitted:                        

    At first glance nothing seems too odd until you realize the leg in front is the left leg.

    The Invisible Woman variant of the boobs-and-butt pose, the boobs-and-no-butt pose.

    Alt text: The ground isn’t the only thing Molecule Man is bending.

    Alternate alt text: Is a boobs-and-butt pose still a boobs-and-butt pose if you can’t see the butt?

    Source: Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #11, cover by Juan Santacruz and Chris Sotomayor (2006, Marvel Comics).

    Gotta appreciate the guy who lettered the final cover and covered that with the bar code.

    Wow yeah. Nice catch.  Also amusing because the bar code cover-up is also the “all ages” label!

    Maybe her wandering, adventurous butt is meant to indicate that there will be a lot of adventures in the book!

    April 23 2017

    Play fullscreen

    driftingspeck submitted:                        

    Not a gif, I know, sorry, and I don’t meant to put in a long trailer video but I don’t think it’s available and I don’t know how to make ‘em myself.

    I saw the Ghost in the Shell movie trailer in theater earlier this week, and I could not get over the heaving breasts!!!  No, seriously.  I’m not sure if that link is working, but it’s at the 1:48 mark.  The theater trailer has a longer clip of the heaving breasts, but I can’t find it on YouTube.

    Seriously, boobs don’t work that way - no matter how hard I breath, my breasts just don’t move like that.  In fact, the whole CG robot body seems off somehow… like the position of the breasts aren’t quite in the right spot as they should be on a person.  I don’t know…

    It’s a robot body, so I guess that’s probably the explanation, but wow the whole movie seems like such a mess already with the casting and everything, and now with weird uncanny valley breasts too apparently o:

    April 22 2017

    4891 9084 500

    tofunaga submitted:                        

    Saw this ad from League of Angels 2. I just want to point out her top and her right leg.

    If I were glued into my lingerie, I’d be angry too.

    April 21 2017

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    . submitted:                        

    Came across this while reading manga a while back and I’m not sure what to say. There were some pretty funny ads for the same game and I regret not screenshotting them.

    They’ve finally let the secret us women have been trying to hide forever o:  Our eyes are in our right breast and thigh and um our heart is in our left boob and um, our sense of direction is in our… um… crotch?

    (Advertisement for Beauties Battle, PalmFun)

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