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May 19 2017

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Field Trip submitted:

So I took a crack at redlining the lady with the breasts coming out of the skeleton

Yeah this picture was really fascinating to me, for the sheer “what am I actually looking at here” factor, so I attempted to redline it. (picture 2)

So far so good. Next I had to make sense of that… thing next to her boob. Only thing was, I wasn’t sure just what the hell it was supposed to be.
The most reasonable I could come up with was that it was her left elbow. (picture 3)

It’s still a stupid pose, but it almost makes sense.

I did also consider the possibility that it was supposed to be her left boob, which… (picture 4)

oh boy.

Another red-line attempt and interpretation! :D  The elbow idea is fascinating, the previous post suggested it was part of a creature’s horn, but elbow is an interesting interpretation too.  I find all of these attempts at analyzing this picture cool :)  Thank you.

May 18 2017

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kathuman submitted:                        

So I was giving this image a look, trying to puzzle it out and I think I figured out some of it. There is a really distinct divide between, what at first glace, seem to be her breasts. My guess is that part of this is actually the horn of the creature below her in the collage and she in fact suffers from monoboob.

Here’s my redline fix attempt in any case.

Thanks for the break down, analysis, and fix! :D  That helps clear things up and your fix looks a lot better.  I added the original picture to your post just for a reference point.

(Original post here: http://eschergirls.tumblr.com/post/158029308174/thecuriousmagpie-submitted)

May 17 2017

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Bob submitted:

Greg Land doesn’t disappoint

Variant cover to Nick Fury #1 by Greg Land.

Unfortunately, he forgot her inner organs…again.

Maybe Hydra is actually combining humans with octopi now.

May 16 2017

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ceciliavonjoy submitted:                        

Was redirected somehow to this beautiful thing. Clashing time periods, clothing that will slip off their nipples the second they move, and more. The lady in the back left doesn’t even look like they finished coloring her.

I mean it is an 18+ game, so there’s that, but omg those outfits.. how do they stay on… And the metal on breasts would be so uncomfortable.  It looks like everything is glued or pinned to their nipples.

May 15 2017

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PrefersAnon submitted:

The destructive energy of the boobs and butt pose            

I don’t know what Linkage is, but I doubt it has anything to do with this character’s torso. Ouch.

Image from Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey for PS4/Vita.

Obviously swiveling to do the boobs and butt pose generates a lot of kinetic energy which is channeled into the attack!

May 14 2017

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somanysoundtracks submitted:                        

Saw this ad (1st image) on my twitter feed today, with D.Va’s B&B front and center. The original piece (2nd image) is: “Hanamura showdown” by Dmitriy Prozorov

What’s extra “interesting” is that the twitter ad not only crops the image to basically only include D.Va, but it also moved the only other woman (Cassia) in the image to be in the shot, which would normally be neat, but I’m pretty sure the reasoning was “how much of teh bewbs can we cram in there and also imply catfighting?” (D.Va in the original piece is fighting Gul'dan, while Cassia is fighting Diablo) It was also funny that if you click through the ad, depending on your browser size, the button for a cinematic might be on D.Va’s butt. You can enlarge the screen and it’ll move off, but her B&B is still even more front and center and it’s kind of like… why do I need to do that?

Also, Cassia is a lot more muscular in-game. Can’t imagine why she’s so waifish in the image. -insert sarcasm-

Also, awkward because the ad shop moved Cassia from jumping to being on ground-level, so she looks odd.  She’s probably trying to help D. Va un-rubberize though.

May 13 2017

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gibdo submitted:                        

I’ve been getting… weird ads on instagram. I don’t even know what’s happening with her body, the more I look at it the more confused I get.

It’s good that there’s a place for snake girls to meet people to marry though….

May 12 2017

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Anon submitted:


Snake girls and glue factory accidents, the statuette series o:

May 11 2017

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emissaryofwind submitted:                        

This illustration looked okay at first, and then I looked at She-Hulk’s boobs… I don’t think they’re supposed to do that.

I feel like that has to be some sort of coloring or inking mistake.  Or maybe fruit smuggling gone wrong…

(Cover of She-Hulk Vol. 2 #6, Marvel Comics)

May 10 2017

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thank you both for such nice messages, I’m so glad you like my art…!! hopefully I can help at least a little bit!

anon 2) my brush settings can be found here!
anon 1) wrinkles can get pretty complex! it depends on the type, weight, thickness, and cut of the fabric, whether the character is in motion, etc; I wish I could get into everything, but it’s a huge subject that I don’t think I could possibly cover…!! but I can at least give you some very very basic tips on building up a dress (and the lace underneath!)


here are some examples of dresses I’ve drawn recently. they might seem complex, but when broken down to their most basic form, they’re actually very simple shapes that follow very similar rules!


are you seeing any patterns between them? while they do differ a bit, they’re by and large made from the same long line that curves into itself and back out. learning where this line goes and how it changes under different circumstances is learned largely through practice and intuition, but there are some steps you can take to begin building a foundation to work from! (or at least to sort of break down the process!)

  1. determine the shape/angle of the dress itself. in this example, I’m using a big poofy dress shown from slightly below!
  2. use this as a guide when adding that curving line from before. think of how the fabric folds, and keep in mind that the direction of the curve (and how harsh it appears) depends on where it falls on the dress and the angle at which it’s being viewed from. in this example, it’s more pronounced on the edges, and is facing different directions on the left and the right sides.
  3. wherever cloth folds, wrinkles appear! wrinkles will be more abundant where the cloth is more compact; in this case, that’s toward the waistline. on a dress like this, a fold will originate at the waistline and radiate downward; this means that on an uninterrupted fold, the line that you draw should (if you were to continue it all the way, which is not always necessary) reach cleanly back to the waist. I added one translucent line to help illustrate this idea!
  4. want to add a lace layer? it’s the same concept!! add your basic curving line underneath, keeping in mind that the cloth above will likely mirror whatever it’s falling over. (not perfectly, but somewhat!) so try to keep it a little consistent!
  5. details are easy now!! you can add any sort of lace pattern you want by just tracing over that first line! I used a basic scallop shape here
  6. want even more lace? just repeat step four as many times as you want underneath your last layer of lace!

once you get the hang of this part, figuring out more complex stuff gets much easier! I’m not great at explaining things, but hopefully you were able to come away with some kind of new information, haha…!! I’m wishing you both the best with your art!!!

A really great tutorial on skirt ruffles that I wanted to share with all the artists who follow me! :D

May 09 2017

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gibdo submitted:                        

I’ve been getting… weird ads on instagram. I don’t even know what’s happening with her body, the more I look at it the more confused I get.

Maybe she’s like the prawn version of a mermaid

May 08 2017

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portkeytonarnia submitted:                        

I see you featured the Megumin Bunny, but her counterpart Aqua has a nice rubber spine as well. This is perhaps her worst angle.

I added another image just to show off the full boob and butt pose.

Maybe she’s actually a chocolate bunny left out in the sun too long o:

(From http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/6335/Aqua+Bunny+Ver.html)

May 07 2017

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Brum submitted:

My take on the ‘12 heads tall’ woman of Liefeld, still not perfect but hopefully a little better…

But how will she help the other AT-STs on Hoth now? :(

May 06 2017

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fortangel submitted:                        

The anatomy actually isn’t bad butt…

I feel like that top bit is commenting on me going through my inbox just looking at all these butt and boob submissions. xD

I think the game would be more accurately titled if it was like Butts and Rings, tho I’m not sure where the rings are.

May 05 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:                        

Official proof-of-concept art on the left, actual finished figurine on the right: “Office Lady, Version 2.0”, the latest Super Sonico “life-size” statue from Japan’s Nitroplus.  Note that her proportions are both shorter and plumper (ex. her torso & thighs) in 3-d as opposed to 2-d, and that in the conversion, her chest is less boobsocky as they are now shaped to be more rounder and less oblong, while her nipples are more pointy.

Somebody untangle her D:  Also get this office some cordless phones!  This is obviously a safety hazard

May 04 2017

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loverofmythology submitted:

Schick hydro commercial where the razor has breasts… via @dodaistewart on Twitter

They made the razor have like DD breasts in the commercial, as if a commercial for a razor needs to be sexy -.-

Full ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8c39N2FS2E

Honestly, this might be one of the better portrayals of women on this blog xD

May 03 2017

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  • fetus-cakes submitted:                        
  • Today I got a clickbait ad where they literally stole the character design of Catherine

    I think it’s appropriate for this blog because her body looks like two halves that don’t belong together

    I think it’s worth noting that they didn’t bother to change anything about Catherine’s design

    *(Disclaimer: Nobody may actually be talking about this game)

    ** also this character may not appear

    *** and we may have ripped her from another game

    May 02 2017

    7422 872b 500

    aliceandnyx submitted:

    A while ago I was playing this game that is totally isn’t another popular game/tv show and almost all of the female characters wore bikinis and a special few were posed like this. The men however were not.

    At least the name fits?  If you have a higher bond do they become a complete circle?

    (Screenshot from Pika Q, GAME Dreamer)

    May 01 2017

    9045 f76f 500

    kaospersona submitted:

    At least as an android, 18 has a plausible ability to pose like that. Though I don’t recall the Dragon Ball Z character ever being quite so *ahem* endowed.


    I blame Krillin.

    April 30 2017

    6457 a44e 500

    iamthegps submitted:                        

    I tried to replicate this pose and pulled a muscle in my back.

    (I was disappointed- I made a fake login just for this and the stupid thing wouldn’t even load on my computer… So if anyone wants to try it out as rusty-shackelford@yahoo.com, the password is thisisbullshit)

    This thing could be like malware, so I’m not recommending anybody try it out without precautions.  But if anybody wants to examine it for science, send me screenshots because I’m seriously curious. Especially, given the odd ads that have been featured here which seem to have nothing to do with fantasy.

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