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June 08 2017

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settlechaos711 submitted:

Here is another example of an impractical costume from the early Image comic The Pact. This cover features a villain named Atrocity, which could just be a description of her costume. Also at the bottom of the cover you can see the team’s token female hero with her t-shirt torn open and her back arched as she lies injured so that you can see her sexy cleavage. And another thing to note is the male heroes in the background all wearing fully covering costumes.

Maybe her name is meant to be Artrocity.

June 07 2017

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“I won’t even play a game at less than 60 boobs per second”

June 06 2017

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scififemale submitted:

Attack on Moe (by Ignite Entertainment)       

I have no idea how this women works? I really think she needs to go to hospital.

She’s a mixture chimaera because she’s a mixture of random body parts.

Also, um, the game is rated T for Teen, but under her skirt is that…?

June 05 2017

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shexlay submitted:                        

Other than suction cup boobs most of the problems seemed to be the waist/pelvis. Seemed like an easy first fix, ink if anyone did this one first.

Neat re-interpretation

Original post here: http://eschergirls.tumblr.com/post/154731758488/the-future-is-painful-art-from-1995-fleer-x-men

June 04 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:                        

Tsutsukakushi Tsukushi (whew!) from the anime version of Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat, showcasing the archetypical anime trope of bouncing breasts in the sideswaying variation!

That looks uncomfortable D:

(Also vaguely hypnotic in a loop)

June 03 2017

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89th-alice submitted:

If it is female it must have boobs

I love Final Fantasy, I really do, but there are things even I can’t ignore. In World of Final Fantasy opposite gender variants of several classic summons appear. Sadly, Square Enix apparently thought we wouldn’t understand Ifreeta is female if she wouldn’t be flaunting some ridiculous boobs (to say nothing about the rest of the very human body…)

Also, I guess female beasts still need to wear clothes?

June 02 2017

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This was in an old comic book I found in my basement recently.

I assume FAKK is the sound her body is making or something…

June 01 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:

Remember Hobby Japan‘s Seven (*actually nine, both historically and in the series) Deadly Mortal* Sins statue/anime/manga franchise? Well, it proved to be popular enough that HJ actually decided to made a brand-new spin-off counterpart for their rival team,the Seven Heavenly Virtues (naturally, all-female). This is the official proof-of-concept art of their final roster after Lucifer was permanently exiled from Heaven, as her mythical/legendary Fall From Grace was shown in episode 1 of the official anime:

Michael (Faith)

Uriel (Patience)

Sariel (Kindness)

Sandalphon (Diligence) & Metatron (Charity) *Twins, according to Christian canon theology

Raphael (Temperance)

Gabriel (Chastity) *Really a female anyway (only female archangel in fact) in “Real Life”, at least according to Islam canon theology

* Officially changed once when the anime was launched on Christian Good Friday 2017 to avoid confusion with the shonen fantasy series of the same name.

This is really weird…

Apparently virtue is stored in the chest area… >_o

Also thank you for the theology info :3

May 31 2017

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itajn submitted:                        

This is a cover of Houseki no Kuni manga. I was confused about what’s going on at first, but then realised, it’s all body parts.

It’s the Escher Girl version of a rubber band ball

May 30 2017

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massoluk submitted:

Apparently one of the posters made for Chinese premiere of Wonder Woman film. Can’t figure of how her hip works behind that shield

I actually really love this poster*.  On Twitter I said it makes me want Wonder Woman as a JRPG (which would be so cool), but yes, she does look a little centaurish behind the shield.  I’d be interested in a redline or something, it could very well make sense.

*I love a lot of things I poke at or even put on this blog

May 29 2017

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pawdle-wawdle submitted:                        

Found this manga randomly browsing in a bookstore.
I was legitimately surprised she didn’t have that staff held between her boobs.

Well, that would be ridiculous

May 28 2017

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geewhizshenanigans submitted:                        

I figured I’d take a crack at that skeleton-emerging-lady.

Thanks for the redline, analysis, and the hilarious parody take at the end xD

May 27 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:                        

Satan, demon lord(sic) representing the Christian Mortal Sin of Wrath, in a WTFH screenshot from the end credits music video (theme song: Welcome to Our Diabolic Paradise by J-pop girl group Mia REGINA) of the official anime version of Hobby Japan’s Seven Deadly Mortal* SIns franchise.

She seems to be doing her version of that famous “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him not” soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. (Btw Fyi, it’s canon in this series that Satan is a typical “tsundere”, who despite being a stereotypical “angry amazon” much of the time, still has a super spot spot for cutesy critters such as what is apparently a Japanese Red Squirrel.)

*They formally changed it from “Deadly” to “Mortal” when they launched the anime literally on Catholic Christianity’s Good Friday 2017, obviously so as to avoid confusion with the shonen fantasy series of the same name.

First, I never expected that “Satan” would be a tag on this blog.  Secondly, I guess the 9th circle of hell isn’t ice but boob flounder now.

May 26 2017

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wincenworks submitted:                        

I don’t know how to tag this, I don’t know what to say about this other than my horror that the anatomy is actually better than so many pieces that have featured on Escher Girls.   So questions should remain unasked…

From https://twitter.com/elbows_selbo/status/866936368299167744

Escher Gills (my April Fools’ joke a few years ago) turned out to be ahead of its time o_o

May 25 2017

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thehornedwitch submitted:

So I saw this while watching cartoons in a perfectly legal setting and WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. Her shoulder is dislocated, her boobs are just… Flying away

Also it looks like one of her knees has been severed.

Don’t awake the legend.  She’s grumpy that we woke her up before she had time to finish assembling herself, I think

May 24 2017

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kogarashi-art  submitted:                        

Thought I’d get in on the redline party for this lady, since I had a different impression of how her chest is supposed to work. That dot might not actually be a belly button, and if you look carefully you can see a breast curve line in the middle of the darker blue patch. The problem is the line separating the dark blue patch from the maybe-skin-maybe-fabric area closer to us, which looks like the edge of her silhouette, combined with that dark dot that certainly looks like a navel even if it isn’t.

Frankly, this is why you need to be careful about random lines, dots, and textures, because you can completely obscure what you intended and make someone look like an amoeba carefully contained within a vaguely-person-shaped suit.

Another great breakdown/redline :)  Thanks so much for submitting your take on it and attempting to make sense of and analyze it.

May 23 2017

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zyrdrake submitted:

I actually really like the style but… why…

The style does look really cool but also yeah… Maybe cybernetic hip implants are a thing needed to ride dragons? :)

May 22 2017

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pawdle-wawdle submitted:                        

From Pokemon Special: X and Y

Not only has Y here gotten herself into what I am pretty sure is a Triple Crown pose, but it looks like her flight suit only works when it’s tightly grasping her butt cheeks/crotch. The more that I look at it makes it seem like she has a case of ‘disappearing hips’, too.

I think that’s only one breast, so it’s not a boobs and butt pose, but yeah there appears to be a hint of crotch o_o  Also yes her torso and hip area is weird, I think the wing-suit confused things.

May 21 2017

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askthewitchlady submitted:                        

My attempt at demon pelvis lady.

So I’ve been studying this picture just fascinated because it feels like her cloak is literally only there to hide some glaring Anatomy problems.

I’m only guessing because not knowing the source I don’t know the artists general style But I think what happening is that the center bit with the lace, i like a ‘boob hole’ but for the whole front so like, a torso slot?  LOL held together by the lace, and the idea is that the Demons horn and her body ae supposed to sort of gradiate together to give the image a sense of flow with one picture moving into another, if that makes any sense.

So the red lines are the demon, which flows into the blue lines which are the woman.

Thanks for the red line!  I like how different people have different ideas or breakdowns of this pic, and that’s cool. :)

Note: I got a bunch of redline attempts of this that I think are neat (or funny), so I’m going to put them in the queue for the next week while it’s still topical.  I’ll try to space it out a bit with “normal” Escher Girl posts, but just letting people know that you’ll probably see a few of these through the week.

May 20 2017

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filbypott submitted:                        

Distressing ad for Sony PS2 racing game Kinetica.

I’ve looked it up and all the racers look like this.

I’m trying to imagine the production meeting where somebody pitched this.

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