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July 23 2017

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mermaidmoose submitted:

Currently reading through the Moon Knight comics and this panel legitimately stopped me in my tracks. It’s like her body decided to become part human, part snake, and part taffy.

Snake women or Snomen control our bedrooms at the highest levels

July 22 2017

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Anon submitted:

Art from “Hell Girls” (it’s one of those eroges that gets a censored version on steam)

The more I look at it the more problems I see: her bum, her legs, her arms, all of it.

Whatever she’s drinking she needs to drink less of it, or more of it….

July 21 2017

starnelian said:

I made a series about that Chinese knockoff Overwatch on my blog a while ago, you might want to check that out if the game interests you, (it’s tagged as “overwatch rip off” without quotes). I translate their backstories, sum up their game roles and skills, and redraw some of the girls’ outfits to be less stupid. I think I’ll continue with it, too, now that they have released more character bios and trailers. (also am shamelessly promoting myself in your ask box sorry please forgive me).

This is pretty amusing if anybody wants to check it out.  I love the names you give them like “Sephiroth Genji” xD

Here’s the previous posts on Heroic Mission if people want context:


July 20 2017

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zagglezig submitted:

Kohaku, from a new manga called Dr. Stone. These are from her first two introductory chapters. She appears to have turned the N64 Goldeneye meme glitch into a martial art.

She’s also got platform-heeled battle sandals in a setting where humanity was petrified for about three millennia and so technology is roughly back to the stone age.

Ah the ancient art of Yabba Dabba Fu

(also that is very fortuitous skirt placement)

July 19 2017

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58fury submitted:                        

I saw this in an ad on Facebook, and I had to click it just for the Escher aspect.  It took me to a Wal-Mart page.  I was confused at first because it looked like an album cover, but the Wal-Mart page didn’t explicitly say what it actually was, and it was under the category “Food/Beverages/Juice”.  A little googling revealed that Tyrants is indeed an album by a group called Jag Panze

Maybe she’s actually a liquid

(Full uncensored cover art here: warning NSFW, nudity)

July 18 2017

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Zack submitted:

From Valkyria Revolution: Her torso is having a revolution from the rest of her body            

This is Brunhilde (Brynhildr?) from the new Valkyria Revolution game.

How does this pose even work in real-life?!

It’s really good at resume writing

July 17 2017

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thebiscuiteternal submitted:

From one of the loading screens in Marvel Future Fight. The art itself isn’t too bad other than her arms looking weird and flat, but then I noticed that her suit apparently comes with designed-in camel toe.

I wonder how on-purpose that is.  On the other hand, it makes perfect sense that she’d want a bodysuit that would be retractable in strategic areas when she needs to go to the washroom, so this is forward thinking, actually.

July 16 2017

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emma submitted:

I tried to realign Ghost’s spine back into place and ended up giving her a lil poncho.

Actually that’s a really cool look o:  I love it

July 15 2017

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emma submitted:

This is Ghost from Girl Fight, she has some sort of sliding torso.

I think she was bending over when they put the electrical tape costume on her and then she realized they didn’t allow her enough slack to straighten up, but then the tournament started and she had to make do?  The life of a pro-athlete that needs electrical tape sponsorships to keep doing the sport she loves :(

July 14 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:

I don’t know if this was ever submitted already, but in case it wasn’t, here is perhaps a perfect example of “Helicopter Cleavage”, starring Yayoi Kuribayashi from the ninja/shinobi harem romcom manga/anime Mouse (from 1999 to 2004). Notice how her bouncing breasts actually switch and exchange positions from right to left and left to right when they rotate counter-clockwise!

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

July 13 2017

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racklestackles submitted:

Longshot (1985) #4 by Arthur Adams, Marvel Comics

Green Snakes and BAM!

July 12 2017

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theatrix-the-goddess submitted:                        

help me

No, see, this is part of Sue’s clever plan to kill Doom by smuggling bombs in her shirt to get close to him

(Cover of Fantastic Four 3rd series #26, Marvel Comics)

July 11 2017

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fadingrequiem submitted:

Bleach Brave Souls is having a summer event and one of the characters you can get is Nel in a swim-suit. I get that she has a centaur motif with her powers, but I didn’t expect it to be taken quite literally when she’s not using them.

A rare beach snake centaur!

July 10 2017

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weeaboogarbage submitted:                        

They’re both dying but the girl on the left especially so save them

I think they need to get out of the sun, they’re melting

July 09 2017

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Sailor LeadDragonite submitted:

Here’s Heroic Mission’s knockoff D.Va, for anyone who wanted to see her. As far as I can tell, she was abandoned by her parents for being blind and raised by a kindly old man; before becoming a K-pop idol.

Here’s the video this was screencapped from (as source and incase it doesn’t load) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl_p4m8tA_I

And here’s Alpharad’s video, which gives a better look at not-D.Va’s face and an Engrish translation of her backstory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1laPqTLHvlw

The sad part is she’s the most sensibly dressed female character is the roster.


I asked in the previous Heroic Mission post that had knock-off Sombra for knock-off D.Va so I could have a knock-off Sombva ship xD


Hence, why I’m posting this.  She actually looks pretty cool o:  Also, disabled heroine is cool too

July 08 2017

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Bee submitted:

I like my ladies thin, almost see-through

Is she wearing the chain or is she the chain?

July 07 2017

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Zulle submitted:


When you run out of time and just smash two different dolls together.

Excellent representation of an early Clayface still figuring out how to take more seductive forms, imo.

July 06 2017

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dnekrufi submitted:

Moon Tiara Action/Freezbi            

Just a historical lesson of boobs and butt pose from the first volume of the original Sailor Moon manga by Naoka Takeuchi.

When half of you is a waning gibbous and the other half is a waxing gibbous.

July 05 2017

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notquitedeadringer submitted:

hoo boy

athena are u okay. you look a little. bent out of shape

I assume you had sunglasses on when submitting this?  She looks unamused at your pun, but snakes are flexible, so she’ll probably forgive you.

July 04 2017

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confusiongrows submitted:

Cover for Green Arrow #31, featuring an awkward looking Dinah Lance in classic Boobs-and-butt pose.

It’s really awkward because everybody else is moving towards us and it looks like she had a horrible glue accident but is trying her best to support the team.

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