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July 03 2017

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giantpurplecat submitted:

A video popped up on my feed talking about a Chinese bootleg of Overwatch named Heroic Mission, and I clicked on the video. In the video the guy shows some of the new heroes that are going to be in the game, and then I see this one… (This is probably some really bad translation but) One of the new heroes (as pictured) is named “Killer Murphy”, and this is what she looks like. This is also supposed to be the Sombra of the game.

Given that I am a big Sombva (Sombra x DVa) shipper, I’m super-interested now to learn who is the knock-off DVa so I can have a hilarious bootleg knockoff Escher ship of them too.

“Anything can be Eschered, and anyONE”

July 02 2017

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president–felix-mendelssohn submitted:                        

I tried to fix the sphere boobs (USS Saratoga, Kantai Collection)

And now you can add “restores and repairs battleships” to your resume!

July 01 2017

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Meaghan submitted:

Vixen the superhero (I mean super flexible)

Getting hit with the pain totem when channeling snake powers is especially bad luck

June 30 2017

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Anon  submitted:

Art from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory


She was in a similar pose on the cover of the previous game so I guess she’s stuck that way.


Eschermon returns!  With a more powerful form o:

June 29 2017

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itswalky submitted:

Arcee fell out of the Liefeld tree and hit every branch on the way down.

She needs to go back in the shop for a re-alignment

June 28 2017

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maggiekarp2  submitted:                        

I did a quick tracing redraw of Ifrita from World of Final Fantasy, but tried to polish it up before I officially submitted it to your blog. Their design is super cute, but I don’t think it’s Ifrit-y

I like it!  It’s a good blend between the original one and the design of the male Ifrit imo.

June 27 2017

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While doing research to figure out what the title of the game for the previous post was (Zgirls), I found the Play Store page for it, and what’s up with that logo? o:  Does that make people want to play your game? xD  Touch your screen and make the player characters uncomfortable? -_o


June 26 2017

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Ann submitted:

Seriously, how can she stay balanced like that?? Isn’t she about to fall on her butt?

And what is her right leg even connected to? The way her legs connect to her body just seem…really off?

The more I stare at this, the more I feel like her top and bottom halves might’ve been stitched together from two poses.

I think she might just have a big butt and hips.  But it’s hard to tell because of the skirt and logo.  It looks weird, but people I show it to aren’t sure why either.

On an unrelated note, I couldn’t tell whether or not the title was Girls Z or Z Girls (apparently it’s Zgirls).  Escher Logos?  Escher Freemium Game Names?

June 25 2017

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ironoverwine submitted:                        

So I recently discovered the marvel swimsuit specials (published between 1991 and 95) which I think have been on this blog once or twice before, but while I spotted the usual amount of b&b (The Wasp’s wasp waist appears to be made of warm plastic, Black Widow seductively dislocates a leg, and check out the trio of beheaded women servicing Collosus) there was an unexpected delight of guy-butt to admire as well!

Luke Cage gets beheaded to show off his buns, gay icon Northstar emerges impractically from the waves which conveniently hide how weird his lower body must look to support that pose.

And then there’s Namor, who apparently missed the memo that this was supposed to be a sexy thing, not a terrifying thing. Love the gold clamshell g-string though.

Women are from plasticine and bendy straws, men are from egg-whites and protein powder.

June 24 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:                        

More official character art from Hobby Japan’s Nine Seven Deadly Mortal Sins fanservice franchise, featuring some of the demon ladies lords apparently engaged in … simulated scissoring?!

Top to Bottom, the first picture has Leviathan (sin of envy) and Astaroth (sin of melancholy), while the second picture has Belial (sin of vanity) and Mammon (sin of greed).

The punishment for greed is apparently a really painful wedgie o_o

June 23 2017

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Jdsm24 submitted:

I know I already submitted a compilation of the pictures of the Seven Heavenly Virtues spin-off of HobbyJapan’s Seven Mortal Sins franchise, but this is for all those who had difficulty looking at the gif.

Very considerate of you! …I think.  Some people might not be so grateful that they have to see it again xD

June 22 2017

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kaprosuccus submitted:                        

Wanted to give this gal a body redline on my phone to fix up how her body was separated at the neck/shoulders. Her outfit also doesn’t help in making it all seem disconnected and confusing :/

Very nice, and pretty good for doing on your phone! :D

June 21 2017

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probably-unreliable submitted:                        

Milia from Granblue Fantasy, an “alluring blonde seductress” according to the game (which explain her “clothing” I guess).

I tried to do her centaur pose and it feels like someone is drilling through my spine and knees.

She’s got a tail and wings, so maybe she’s a wyrmgirl o:

June 20 2017

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thooru-chan submitted:                        

I got this ad on mobile and I had to do a double take.
First of all I’m having a hard time.figuring what the product is, and I’m too scared to click and find out.

Second, how does she work?  Is she melting and the grabby guy is trying to hold her together?

This makes me a bit uncomfortable with how young she looks and the grabbiness in the first panel? D:

Also what IS this an ad for? -_o  Maybe the melted candle version of an anime girl body pillow?

June 19 2017

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jdsm24 submitted:                        

You know that recent 90’s Image entry for Night Stick of the Pact with the improbable/impossible see-through skimpy costume?

Well, apparently Marvel copied was inspired when they created their 00’s A-list Japanese/Asian-fetish supervillainess Lady Bullseye*. There are times when it appears that her costume is really that skimpy (first panel) and there are times when it appears that it’s only an illusion and it’s just mere skintone-color fabric only (second panel), and there are times when it could go either way depending on how daring you believe Marvel to be (third panel)  :p

*who was a Japanese teenage girl who was accidentally rescued by Bullseye when he assassinated the stereotypical Yakuza mobsters who were keeping her captive to turn into a sex worker, and who thus was so grateful to him and inspired by him that years later she became a sociopathic superhuman assassin just like him

o_o  I don’t even know where to begin with that.  Also how does her outfit stay on?  Are they stickers?

June 14 2017

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regallibellbright submitted:

From Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia. Most of the game’s been much better about this shit, too, which got my hopes up, but then we have this shot of Mathilda being held captive. Bleh.

I think it’s against the rules of war to superglue captives to the floor in weird positions.

June 13 2017

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zackcandraw submitted:

No, really. This is Sue Richards as the Warrior Queen of Atlantis.

I can’t even tell whether they’re boobs or she’s packing some mean Atlantean grenades into those.

And would you believe this is an early artwork by Salvador Larroca?

Maybe she’s made of water and those are back up hydration containers so she can go on land

June 12 2017

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Submitted by annoyingotaku

Part of student council and a big isol star and an ostrich at the same time!  A real multi-tasker!

(From Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler)

June 11 2017

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Shay Guy submitted:

From My Hero Academia chapter 32, a slightly different case from what this blog usually handles. At the top of the picture is invisible girl Toru Hagakure, and I can’t figure out what’s going on with her waist or legs.

Interestingly, not the first invisible girl confusing pose submission!  That would be Sue Storm in this post!

I think I can figure out that this is meant to be a jumping in the air with legs up and pom poms up pose.  I wonder if she was drawn first to position the clothing, or if the clothing was put about where it looked right.

June 10 2017

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passive-aggressive–iroha submitted:                        

Voiceroid Kyomachi Seika.

It’s like she’s a magician, and this is her act. How did she put her torso on backwards? A magician never reveals their secrets.

It’s a voice synthesizer, which I guess also synthesizes her screams of pain for having to hold that pose.

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