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September 01 2017

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aaaaaaaa submitted:

I play garbage apps for money and this ad for Z Girls has been haunting me. (I Included a picture of the character with without the dialogue.) So many belts… ?

At least you’re making money!

August 31 2017

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sylvtiutiob submitted:

I have several questions but I don’t think I want the answers.

At least there’s a “quit” option, so you can leave before your brain melts down from trying to figure out what’s going on xD

August 30 2017

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kamikasei submitted:                        

Fate/Grand Order is doing a summer event with a lot of characters in alternate costumes (i.e. swimwear), and the already-ridiculous Lancer-class Servant Minamoto no Yorimitsu gets a textbook Escher Girls pose for the occasion.

I think she needs more shade, her body is getting melted

August 29 2017

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pawdle-wawdle submitted:

(From Teen Titans Go! Issue #14)

Proof that Starfire has a swivel waist in all incarnations (which we all know is the most important characterization to keep consistent).

She’s being manipulated by a Starfirebender maybe o:

August 28 2017

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pawdle-wawdle submitted:

(From Teen Titans Go! Issue #6)

Tfw you try to do a Boobs and Butt pose and realize that you only have one boob.

Maybe the other one is going through a dimensional portal she created or something

August 27 2017

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skeine submitted:

From episode 5 of anime “Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e”.

Out of sight is the high-tension wire attached to her leg, pulling her into this tortured pose.

Somebody caught a boob flounder o:  I hope they threw her back after taking the picture because they are a protected species

August 26 2017

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Sam submitted:

This is from an anime called My First Girlfriend is a Gal and I’m just very concerned for the pink-haired girl as she appears to be disconnected from the rest of her body and also doesn’t have nipples

it’s a hard knock life, huh?

Maybe she’s just experimenting with the portal gun! The sheets must be coated in moon rock paint.

August 25 2017

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insanityisfine submitted:

So this add popped up. Nothing made me cringe at first glance. And then I saw the… Bunny girl? Or whatever she’s supposed to be, because she’s clearly NOT mammalian.

She’s a bunny snake

August 24 2017

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emberfey submitted:

this is from Boku No Hero Academia

this girl is supposed to be invisible, but i can’t comprehend why her legs are facing that way and i just. WHAT’S GOING ON. i suppose it could be a boobs and butt pose if she wasn’t invisible, but she is, so..???

Hey, this was the picture I was wondering if somebody could redline so thanks for doing it! :D

August 23 2017

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zulle submitted:

Drop it like it’s hot. Your boob I mean.

From FINAL FANTASY XIV newsletter.

It’s just very excited for the event

August 22 2017

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solcastle submitted:

Found this thumbnail on the home page of Youtube mobile.
I think her boobs are trying to escape but can’t decide which way to go.

The anime is Konosuba.

They’re trying to get back to their home planet

August 21 2017

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Dii submitted:                        

Mash Kyrelight, Fate/Grand Order. Not even tiny rabbit-thing flippers can save the spine.

A sexy seahorse o:

August 20 2017

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eldalorien submitted:                        

Here’s some examples of questionable female anatomy from some vintage pinball machine art!

Their bodies are all on tilt and locking up, I guess

August 19 2017

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ozziescribbler submitted:

Somehow I came across cropped version of this image while looking up another generic bikini barbarian comic book character (don’t ask).

Not only is Sonja’s camera-facing butt the sole focus of the composition, also:

  • her left shoulder seems severely dislocated
  • her left leg already unattached itself from the hip
  • her neck seems quite long and flexible to have her whole head look over a shoulder at such angle
  • she seems to be transforming into a snake right before our eyes

Frankly, that arrow sticking out of her thigh, which would normally be the biggest thing to worry about, is probably the least of her problems right now.

Sad part is, while looking for an uncropped, high-quality version of this particular cover I came across at least ten more covers from that title that qualify for Escher Girls and weren’t here already.

She’s also facing the wrong direction to defend herself D:  Turn around, Red Sonja! DX

August 18 2017

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passive-aggressive–iroha submitted:

Check out this screenshot from episode 14 of Kill la Kill! You’d think this to be a weird inbetween, but no, she’s completely still.

We need to be completely still too.  Snakewomen hunt by sensing movement

August 17 2017

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geewhizshenanigans submitted:

That Danganronpa image inspired me to throw this together

That gave me a much needed laugh :) Thanks!

August 16 2017

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Oh no! Wynonna must defeat the Mummy’s Curse before she turns completely into rubber D:

(Cover of Wynonna Earp #4, Image Comics)

August 15 2017

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panda-valentine submitted:

3 Little Kittens: Purrrfect Weapons #2 - Comics by comiXology

There’s so much going wrong with this cover… like… has he ever actually seen a woman before?

Breasts don’t do that. Clothing, even latex, doesn’t do that. Feet don’t do that.

W.T.F Bro.

I mean if they’re made out of bombs, as they appear to be, they *would* be the perfect weapons.

August 14 2017

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pandoragu submitted:

From the upcoming Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2, we have the in-dungeon shopkeep. While I think the rest of her design is gorgeous, the absolute cleavage here wouldn’t be so bad if the nipple-proof boobs weren’t super glued on.

This outfit raises so many concerns, besides the very unfortunate super-glue accident that happened between her breasts :(  Like, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have unsheathed knives & swords in your cloak if you also have bare skin when you close it? D:

August 13 2017

Eisner Nominee Renae De Liz Shares Short Guide for Artists on How to De-Objectify Female Characters

Кирилл Ярин submitted:

The article contains a guide from Renae De Liz about drawing female bodies more realistically than it’s usually done in comics. The guide was originally published on Twitter:


Thanks for sharing this!  I’m putting it here in case it’s of interest to anybody :)

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